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I’m an imaginative, fresh, inspired photographer with a passion for beautiful portraits. I own Gracie May Photography in Hampshire, England.

I’m also a blogger. Yes, that’s right…blogging is a proper job! I also guest post on dPS and I write articles for a Canon magazine and I’m the Q&A gal in CHIC magazine for women photographers. I don’t use mumbo-jumbo technobabble and I don’t think I’m the master of anything. I just share what I know with you fine people.

I am, regrettably, a bit addicted to social media. LOVE twitter and have a constant connection to Facebook wherever I am.

I grew up in Florida where I was home educated for my entire schooling career. I began my photographic education as a makeup artist. Attending many TV tapings and photo shoots, I always had one eye on the face, one eye on the photographer. You can read more about how I became a photographer HERE.

I am ALWAYS thinking about photography. It never ends. My brain takes shapshots everywhere I go and because of this, I have a very keen photographic memory. This comes in to play often when my husband can’t find something and I can tell him precisely where I last saw it, even if it was months ago!

I love to ‘stick it to the man’ and never ever do something because it’s popular. For example, I got rid of our TV just so I could stop paying the BBC TV license. THAT’LL show ‘em!

My photographic passion is people. My favourite thing about people is their hands and I particularly love photographing children in a natural environment.

What else could you possibly want to know? Get in touch – I love hearing from my readers!

  • http://get-sirius.deviantart.com Sara


    Found you through “DPS” and just wanted to say that your blog is extra special! It is so well laid out and it was very easy to find things. Your creative eye blows me away!


  • elizabethhalford

    Oh thank you so much! I find blogs difficult to navigate and couldn’t figure them out at first, so I tweaked mine to be more like a traditional site and a blog in one. Glad you find it easy :)

  • http://caedfal.blogspot.com Matt Fulkes

    Interesting. I was born in Hampshire (Basingstoke), and now live in America (have lived here most of my life.) I’m an aspiring photographer myself, but still very much an amateur. I just purchased a Nikon D90, and am in the process of learning all that it can do. I read your comments about prime lenses, and that’s what I’m saving up for at the moment. Any recommendations as to which type of lens I should by first? Any information would be considered helpful.

    Thanks for the wealth of information and resources on your Website. I’ve bookmarked this site, and added you on you FaceBook and Twitter. Keep up the great work, and have an excellent weekend.

  • elizabethhalford

    Wow thank you so much! Actually, I’ve gotten an excellent question about the ‘nifty fifty’ lens for my reader question Wednesday but I’m impatient I can’t make everyone wait until Wednesday! Will post that as soon as a get a second to write it. In the studio all day tomorrow so look out for a recap on that and the answer to that question!

  • Ron Melancon

    Hello Elizabeth

    Enjoy your writings for DPS and your Blog. I also use PSE, and have encountered a problem with Elements 7 that I have never had with any other version of PSE. When I load pictures into my computer with PSE 7, when trying to view them, they appear as a square with an hour glass in the middle and I have to click on each one to view them. Have you ever encountered this?


    Ron Melancon

    Woodland, California

  • elizabethhalford

    @Ron: Thanks! Do you mean that you’re using PSE to import the photos into your computer in the first place? I don’t do that so I’ve never encountered that problem :(

  • http://365aroundmylife.wordpress.com Wendy

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I found your blog over the weekend through DPS and I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve only had a chance to read a handful of your posts, but I really appreciate that you take the time to share your knowledge. I also use PSE. I currently have PSE 5. I’ve just recently begun using actions with it and my world has opened up :)
    Thanks again!


  • Pam

    This was great to read Elizabeth. It looks like you have recently updated? I have commented one other time. I am so greatful for your blog. Just fyi…I am 36, the mother of 4, and pioneering a women’s conference ministry in the US called Unearthing Destinies. A few months ago my mid wife asked me if I would like to join their birth center as sort of an “in house” photographer. It was a strage question for her to ask me because I was not doing any thing with photography. My husband is the family historian, I usually forget to bring a camera with me. However, I have attened some friends births and thought it would be amazing to work with them. Since then another friend gave me a camera ( confirmation ) and I have began this porcess of learning about this craft. I just read that you area also going to be looking into photographing some births…I would love to ask you more ?? at some point about that!

  • elizabethhalford

    @Pam: Wow you’re so so blessed to be from the US where women are more likely to do that! Birth photography is my ultimate dream although I’ve never been given the opportunity :( So to hear that you’ve been asked to do that makes me super jealous! :) Go for it! I had a photographer at the birth of my daughter and the book she made is my most prized possession.

  • http://www.rosecampbellcw.com Erin Mallon

    Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted to say thanks for your recent post on DPS about “5 Tips for Consistently Good Photos Indoors.” Followed your link to elizabethhalford.com and found out you were homeschooled. Sweet! Me too! (but not for my entire school career) :)

  • Sylvie Carbonneau

    Hello Elizabeth,

    I am from Montreal, Québec. I found you early this year and I really like your style. I registered myself for a CS4 photoshop course and cannot wait to learn more. As a new photographer and brand new grand-ma! yes I have a new grand son of 5 months and I cannot stop to photograph him. I love to photograph kids. I made a book through apple for my daughter with her pregnancy, now working on the first year of William.
    You are doing an excellent work and your tips are so useful. Thank you.

    Bonne journée!


  • Jamie

    Hi! OMG I think I am in love!! Your site is AMAZING and I can not even tell you how appreciative I am that you share your photo editing knowledge with the world! You are incredibly talented, witty and just real…I love that it is not just tech babble and that I can understand it. I love it. I am an amateur photographer and mother of 2 that has always had a passion for photography… that of course only grew exponentially once I became a mommy. We got a nice SLR camera and the PSE program but I could just never work the PSE program right and none of my photos ever looked even close to what a photographer’s pictures did. I am ever so grateful and you have been shot to the top of my favorites list!! Thank you!!!!

  • Jamie

    Seriously. I’m ready to plan our trip to England now. We are military stationed in Mississippi…If only you were still in Florida I would take advantage of your half day tag along option :o) Maybe we will get stationed there next :0)

  • elizabethhalford

    @Jamie: LOL thank you so much! Look forward to havin’ you around.

  • http://foodfunandfotos.com Adena

    I have been visiting and learning from your blog for at least over a year now and linked on FB and yet I think this is the first time I have read this page! No wonder I like you so much – I am a homeschool mom living in Florida :)

  • RON


  • elizabethhalford

    @Ron & Adena: Wow thank you so much guys I don’t know what to say! :) Thank you and keep reading! :*)

  • http://www.tatyporelmundo.com Taty

    Hi Elizabeth! Do you actually edit your pictures in PSE for your work? I ask you because i just realize elements does not support 16 bit color depth pictures. What do you do in that case??


  • elizabethhalford

    Yes, that’s right and no, I don’t use it much for my work it’s more of a toy :)

  • Adele Humphries

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I found your site after reading your helpful posts on DPS and your site has become my regular “go to” site for info and inspiration for a while now. I am an “aspiring pro” photographer – a Scottish mum of 2 kids now living in Georgia USA. I’ve been doing a 365 blog this year and as a result have had people offer to pay me to take photos of their kids. Such an honour! However, i have MUCH still to learn. Your site is helping! :)
    Keep it up!! Thank you!

  • http://www.freelance-media.ca Howard Titman

    found your website through a forum, thank you so much for the insight into the “business” side, and the ‘how to’ interact with clients to prevent future misunderstandings and issues.

  • Nesha

    Hi! I discovered you on DPS and I’m thrilled to see your photos and hear your enthusiasm for the art. I enjoy photography, but I am trying to avoid calling it a profession or my job for myself. I want it to remain fun, relaxing, and rewarding; not grueling and mandatory.

    I haven’t established a business in the field; I’m still trying to figure out how I can merge from full-time work (with an employer) to becoming my own boss without jeopardizing benefits and income.

    How can I keep in touch? I’m not a regular blogger, but I think you’re a good fit for me. However, I’m afraid I may lose touch–you know, get busy and forget about the blog.

  • http://lilylustosa.com.br Lily Lustosa

    Your work is amazing! I´m just starting with photography and i have to confess that you are my inspiration.
    Thanks for help me with doubts about photography and sorry about my english,I´m from Brasil.

  • http://www.bellasymphony.com Becky

    I just ADORE your blog and all the information you have so kindly given, for those just starting off. Thank you again, and I look forward to “hearing” from you as I follow you :)

  • charlotte wilson


    I love your style..your tutorials are easy to understand. Thanks so much for sharing.


  • Vickie Thomas

    Hello Elizabeth, I just found your blog while googling for some help to install actions in PSE on a an MAC. Out of all that I have been trying for the longest time, yours did it for me. I love your blog, so well laid out and very interesting. I have now bookmarked you and will be around as often as I can. Thank you


  • Adriana

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and every post teaches me something I’ve always wanted to learn, but never quite figured out. Your photography & website design are absolutely stunning! If I may ask, what’s the name of the font you use in your signature at the end of each post? It’s gorgeous and I’m a bit of a typography geek :)

  • elizabethhalford

    @Adriana: Hello! I’m afraid I have no idea I made it so long ago on another computer!

  • Heidi

    Elizabeth- I have just this week stumbled upon your wonderous blogs and have been absorbing all your posts on DPS…THANK YOU! I have learnt more this week than in all my (few) years hobbying with my camera and it’s not a minute too late as I am starting to get more and more job requests. It’s so exciting!! Anyway thanks again I am now an avid follower, and I so deeply appreciate you sharing what you know with the world. I have zero time to go learn in a classroom- nor the funds! I work fulltime in an office and have two kids and a hubby at home, so I am extremely pleased to have found this amount of help online. Wish I found it sooner!

    xx Heidi

  • elizabethhalford

    @Heidi: Oh that is so lovely thank you :)

  • http://jacklarson.aminus3.com/ jACK LARSON

    Where in Florida did you grow up?


  • http://www.marcielynnphotography.com Marcie Lynn Photography

    Hello from San Francisco! I found your site from Rock the Shot. I love your blog! You share such wonderful information and it’s very easy to read and understand. Which…is awesome!

  • John Dieker

    Hi from Pullman WA. I saw your blog on DPS, and really appreciate your fresh ideas and zeal. As a fairly new photographer, I’m still learning a lot and this has been very helpful. Thanks…….jd

  • lyse

    Hello from France !
    i’m just an amateur with a new D90 and happy to see your photos and read your blog
    (it’s also a good training in english …) I have bookmarked your blog and will read you, I have so much to learn -
    thanks for all

  • elizabethhalford

    @John: that’s awesome – thank you!

    @Lyse: We were all ‘just’ amateurs at one point! Looking forward to having you around :)

  • Prasanna Hegde

    hi!! u know by now where everyone finds you usually!! for those who miss its a loss!! its been few minutes but i have read almost whole blog which i don’t do usually!! thanks for the good pieces of information and advices!! I am wildlife photographer and every moving thing catches my eye!! have been working for nature conservation and added photography to support the same!! hope to learn and become better!!

  • Prasanna Hegde

    and one more thing is that visit India and u might find interesting things for your interest in portraits!!

  • http://Iwish! James

    Love the blog, have seen your posts on DPS and in “the canon magazine” but just found this today I’m ashamed to say. Hope the 5D keeps wowing you, I’m looking to step up from the original (i.e. cheap!) 300D to a 60D when I can save up the cash.


    BTW – totally agree with your mac vs. pc post – just made the switch myself last year and am never going back!

  • Joanna Baker

    Trulty amazing photography!!!

    You were recommended by a friend. Im a photographer myself just starting up and I can honestly say that you have inspired me.

    Keep up the good work! Outstanding, breathtaking shots….

  • http://www.jaimegage-chavezphotography.com Jaime

    i love reading your posts. they are in plain talk and full of great information. when i read that you were home educated, that was just icing on the cake. i homeschool my babies! thanks so much for keeping it real and keeping it handy.

  • Kirsten Jensen

    I saw your post on DPS about the Canon D5 Mark II focusing and clicked onto your web site.  I love your photos, am so inspired :)  My husband gave me a D5 for my Bday a month ago and I thought that it was way to advanced for me.  I have got alot to learn, but thanks to people like you who are willing to share your knowledge, maybe I too can take fantastic photos!  Thank you so much :D

  • Anonymous

    Oh that’s wonderful. Yes, stick around!

  • Ved

    Hi Elizabeth, 
    Got to know you through DPS.  You have a great blog here. Great  info for beginners like me who’re hoping to be professional someday.  Just curious what camera kit you have right now, what you started with and how you upgraded. thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001372802134 Muhammad Bilal Malik

    I got  fresh by looking at your blog. :) I am just a beginner, playinng with my nikon d3000 basic 18-55mm lens, could you do the honour to review my work at http://www.facebook.com/bmalikphotography i would love to learn a thing or two from you..
    Bilal Malik

  • AnnaD

    Just found you through DPS and I think I love you!  (In a non-creepy, kindred, sisterly, plutonic friend sort of way!)

  • http://www.LaureenBurkePhotography.com Laureen Burke

    HI there Elizabeth!
    Fond you through Courtney’s Clck It UP a NOtch blog and am looking forward to reading your blog. BTW, I am in Florida.

  • Jessica

    Hi Elizabeth!
    First, I just want to tell you that you are an incredibly talented photographer! Your photos are breathtaking and are so inspiring! I have always been interested in photography, not as a profession but I LOVE to take beautiful pictures. I don’t like to do anything without doing it all the way so I’m thinking about saving up money for classes and a camera just so I can take wonderful pictures for the rest of my life, and continue to get better each day. I was just curious, are there any specific classes you would recommend for a beginner? Are their any specific camera’s you’d recommend for a beginner, or can you just dive right in? If it’s at all possible for you to get back to me I would GREATLY appreciate it. It has been my experience that those who are the best at what they do, often have the best advice. Thanks so much and I hope this finds you well :)

  • mimi

    Love Love Love your site!!!!! 

  • Brooke

    I absolutely love your site! Your photos are amazing! Which editing software do you use for your work? I am just getting into photography and currently have Lightroom 3.

  • Stacy

    Thank you for commenting on RTS! I am so glad it led me to here and your site! Can I be your new best friend? lol I Homeschooled my sons for a year and a half-now they are back in Public school and it is going well. Do you Homeschool your children? I think it is great that you were “educated at home”. I love the concept but it was difficult jumping into it after my guys had been schooled. Your photography is amazing and your insight priceless! Thank you, thank you!