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Peeking behind the scenes at what I do all day

The Advertising Playlist // 33 bitesized videos about the industry and how to come up with new ideas

Back in Feb, I spent a couple hours with my colleague Tom Breeze talking about advertising, ideation and the creative space in general. The output was a rather beefy 2 hour piece of content which you can find here. However, who has 2 hours and even if you did, do you really want to spend…

Behind the Scenes Featurette

“I had a vision for an emotional film to connect those working at Vodafone with a powerful sense of purpose. I explained to Elizabeth what I wanted, and it was a real pleasure to see her become as excited as I was about it. The sheer energy she had to deliver that vision meant I…

Directing People

You know, whether I’m wearing my photographer’s hat or that of a director/producer, there’s this element of working with people which is of uber importance – even moreso, perhaps, than the ability to use one’s kit. If you’re an incredible photographer technically, but people look awkward in your images, the lighting and whateverelse isn’t going to…

Picture the Hope Awareness Video

When I was volunteering in PR for the Rett syndrome charity Cure Rett, we did a photography tour photographing girls & women with Rett syndrome all around the world and this is a piece I commissioned and produced with Aaron Beale (who later established the production company Vanilla Bear)