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Wedding Wrap-Up – the 70-200mm, the 5D and the 7D

Wow. Saturday’s wedding was impeccable. Utter perfection. So much smiling that my face hurt by the end of the day. And by the end of a day of editing, even more so. Have you ever smiled so much while editing that you needed a jaw massage?

All of the shots I wanted to display are here. But I’ll share a few here for educational purposes :)

Technical details:

  • Cameras: Canons 7D and 5D mk II
  • Lenses: On the 5D, I had the 24-105 L series 4.0. I chose to put it on the full frame camera because I wanted to get the most out of any tight spots I might find myself in. Also, with the max aperture being 4.0, I wanted the high ISO capabilities of the 5D incase I needed to fall back on that. On the 7D, I had the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens which I hire for weddings. It costs me about £80 to hire it for a weekend. And a week for my arms to recover! It’s a very heavy lens but OH SO worth it. I put this on the cropped sensor camera because I wanted to get the most zoom out of it and on a cropped sensor camera like the 7D, 200mm goes a lot further than it would have on the full frame. The detail shots below (flowers, jewelry, etc) were taken wide open with a 50mm f/1.4.
  • Flash: I never used it, but I had my Speedlite (430 ex) on the 5D/24-105 combination. Again, because of the 4.0, I wanted to have the flash to fall back on. But with the beautiful light in the marquee, it wasn’t needed.
  • Memory cards: I shot 1,000 photos and took up under 16gigs which means I never changed my memory cards.
  • Format: I shot in RAW, but the smaller version. Still large enough for large format printing, but this rarely ever happens with wedding photos, so I kept my mb’s down with a smaller RAW format.
  • Editing: the B&Ws were edited with my favorite B&W Lightroom presets: the One Willow B&W collection. The color shots were done in manually in LR without any presets.
  • Workflow: From the 1,000 shots I sorted them down to 400 keepers. I did almost all of my editing in Lightroom and they required very little editing at all. In total from start to finish (finish being the online preview gallery) editing took 8 hours. This doesn’t include creating the album which will take a further few hours.

See all of the photos HERE

  • Mary Wernke

    I know we cannot download shots, but I’d like to learn from others somethings unrelated to the photography, so I’ll interject here. We are creating a community center and want to have a dance floor like in #66 (?) where you can pick up and lay down the floor in large 4X4 tiles. Affordable suggestions? 

    I have always wanted to do the word balloon idea, where you used the heart-shaped chalkboards. I have searched Google and eBay to no avail. Other ideas? 

  • Anonymous

     Hello! I suppose the floor came from a dance floor company supplied by the marquee company? The chalkboards were from a local nick-nack shop I love. What country are you in?

  • Mary Wernke

    I am in the U.S. We don’t have much money for the teen center dance floor, so we will have to make our own. I just wanted a good idea on how they are made. 

  • Lea Hartman

     Beautiful. So simple and elegant. 

  • Guest

    Ok. Here is a dumb question about the full frame… I have a crop sensor and know when I print I have to be mindful of making sure there is “crop room” in the photo I took. BUT, is it true – or rumor – that on a full frame camera you that you do not need crop room… What you photograph is the photo no matter the size? Is that why you said you used it for your tight shots? Hope that made sense. Would love to buy a 5d (classic) but if I still have to make sure to have the extra room factored in, then maybe I will hold off…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alisha-Norman/100000190740213 Alisha Norman

     May I ask what you set your ISO to on each?

  • http://www.femgeek.co.uk Han

    where do you hire your lenses from? £80 for a weekend sounds fantastic!

  • Anonymous

     hireacamera.com. They’re great!

  • Fiona

     HI, these are beautiful and so useful knowing the details, thank you. Can i just ask, do you always use the same B&W preset/edit per session? That is, do you stay consistent with your B&W look for a session or can you have some B&W with a different colour tone?

  • Kellytonks

    Elizabeth,  did you use OW’s velvateen?

  • Anonymous

    Good eye! :) Yes and I use it for these situations almost exclusively. It’s perfect. A side note, though: no presets are ever a one-click solution for me. I still do my own tweaks on the sliders to perfect it for my photo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doughty.stuart Stuart Doughty

     Quick question. What mode do you shoot in mainly for your wedding shoots, Aperture, Shutter or Manual?

  • Anonymous

    Aperture. Have just started using it more frequently and love it so!

  • Luciliam

    Wonderful, wonderful weeding and photos!!! I LOVED it!!! Congratulations!