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Disclosure Statement

When I started this blog back in 2008, it was a supplement to my photography business where I would write summaries of recent sessions and post photos. After a while, other photographers began asking me questions about how I created those images. This, combined with the fact that I was already blogging for dPS got me thinking that I should expand my business and start offering education to photographers. This is when I discovered affiliate marketing.

Being an ‘affiliate’ means that I have a relationship with the vendors whose ads show up on my website and either by banners, buttons or within links. When a readers purchases something from those vendors, I receive a small commission (anywhere from 5% to 25%). A majority of my advertisers weren’t into affiliate marketing until I suggested that we try it out together! Those advertisers have seen a whole new world open up to them as have I.

The commissions I receive from affiliates like Florabella Actions or dPS eBooks means that I can continue doing what I do to offer my readers free, no nonsense, zero mumbojumbo photography advice in ‘real.plain.english’.

I never advertise a product that I don’t actually personally use and love and trust me, I get asked to advertise products often and if it’s not something I already love, I usually say no. Either that, or I explore that product to see if it’s something I might actually fall in love with before sharing it with my readers.

So thank you for all those clicks and purchases. It’s a huge honor to me that people put their faith in my recommendations and I would never take that lightly.

Love always,

Elizabeth Halford

  • Janie

    I have a few Florabella action sets,next time I order from her I will click her link on your page.. :)