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Reader Photo Friday {B&A}

Thanks to Tracey for sending us another great portrait of her little guy! When she sent it, she asked about the distracting tree in the background but honestly, the first thing I noticed was the slightly green hue to his face. So I used MCP Actions ‘Skin Cast Blast’ action (part of the magic skin set, but also available in their other sets). I also used the clone stamp to carefully remove the tree, but the problem of the recurring pattern that resulted was hard to get around so I blurred it a bit too.


If your photo has been featured on Reader Photo Friday and you would like to purchase digital copies for printing yourself, please get in touch. Digital files are only $25 each and 100% of these monies goes to Compassion International to help us edit out poverty for our little guy Victor.

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  • Marla

    OK, I don’t see the green cast on his face you are talking about. . . how about a post along those lines? 

  • Nell

    see it too it obvious in the hair.

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