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Reader Photo Friday {Baby B&A}

Alyssa sent this to me just yesterday but it shot to the top of my to-do list because I couldn’t wait to share this little cutie. Alyssa said that her photographer cancelled her session because of illness so she thought she’d give it a shot {pun intended} and I think she did rather well, don’t you? Alyssa wondered if it might mean there’s something in store for her future photography-wise and so I would say this: knowing why an image is awesome and how to recreate it again is goal #1 on your path to studying photography. To me, Alyssa did a lot of things right:

  • She faced the baby towards an open light source which lit up her eyes
  • She was down on her level. I see these shots a lot, but sometimes they’re shot from too high.
  • She utilized a wide aperture to create a depth of field which keeps the baby at the center of our attention. And if she was using an auto-mode like ‘portrait’, I would recommend starting to learn how to shoot in manual if you’re thinking of a long-term goal of learning photography.

A few things that Alyssa could work on next time?

  • Being a little more mindful of the background. But the blur was helpful anyway! :)
  • Focusing between the eyes to make this image sharper {it’s a bit soft at 100%}
  • Composing it in landscape rather than portrait orientation so there would be more possibilities for re-thinking the image in the post-production stage.

This shot took just a tiny bit of editing. I cropped and re-composed the shot and then ran the ‘classic color’ action from Florabella’s Classic Workflow set and sharpened her eyes a little with MCP Action’s Eye Doctor. I then made a duplicate layer, blurred the bottom layer and masked the top layer away at the edges to make a sort of blurred vignette. And that’s it!


If your photo has been featured on Reader Photo Friday and you would like to purchase digital copies for printing yourself, please get in touch. Digital files are only $25 each and 100% of these monies goes to Compassion International to help us edit out poverty for our little guy Victor.

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  • Steve

    So I can send you MY image and then buy a print from YOU.
    Why would I want to do that exactly?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just a charity thing Mr. Grumpy :) There are plenty of firms that do nothing but edit people’s work for them. Pretty standard practice. Have a lovely day!

  • Staceyheighes

    I think she did a great job and you helping her edit just took it over the top and made it super cute! It’s the editing side that scared me so much.. actions, layers, do what?? Slowly learning :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=568045335 Opal Michel

    This is a great idea! That baby is SWEET! Like, capital letters, sweet.