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Session wrap-up {newborn girls}

You may have caught this twin newborn session over on my Gracie May Photography blog. This is the wrap-up for you photogs!

{Technical Details}

  • Camera: Canon 5D mkII. I wanted to use my 7D, but the room wasn’t big enough for me to use my 50mm so I had to go full frame.
  • Lens: 50mm f/1.4
  • Settings: AV mode sticking to around f/3.2


In their home. I set up directly across from an open window on a very gloomy day. Still, enough light. Although I would have had more room had I set up length-wise in the room, I would have been next to the window and not across from it and so one half of the scene would have been too shadowy. I had my Speedlite and umbrella with me, but I didn’t want to introduce two different colour temps or have to fiddle with lighting.


Twin girls Grace & Jessica. They were born at 34 weeks and were in intensive care for the first couple of weeks. They are now 4 weeks old and only 4 & 5 lbs. They were by far the tiniest babies I’ve done so far and was extremely cautious of their itsy-bitsyness so I settled on only a couple different shots. The session took a total of 2 hours, I got peed on only once and one of the girls peed on the other one’s head!


I wanted to get them both in the vintage bucket which I found on eBay but they were just so tiny that no matter how much stuffing we put in, they ended up sinking down. So I settled on just the one who was up for the challenge.


Both the B&W and colour shot were edited with {what else?} my favourite MCP Actions Fusion set. I just love it so much it’s pretty much my go-to actions at the moment.

{Some B&As}

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  • DaniGirl

    Gorgeous, I love these and that bucket is perfect! 

  • Holly

    Thankyou for this great post! For those situations where the room is too small for your 50mm on your 7D, if you didn’t have your 5D, what would be your ideal lens choice?

  • Anonymous

    mmm well wider then 50mm. I love my 24-105mm and I may use that, but wider lenses lead to distortion which may need to be taken care of in photoshop.

  • Anonymous

    Really really sweet. Thanks for all the technical info. Informative and helpful, as always!