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Composite to help a disabled girl stand in her photo {video tutorial}

I recently posted a session over on my Gracie May Photography blog called “Ten Jelly Beans”. This was a session I did with a family whose little girl, Edie, has Rett Syndrome like my little gal Grace. Edie can stand on her own if she’s holding something but my buggy was rolling which wasn’t safe so I combined images to create one where she was standing with the buggy. You can see the video below to find out how I did that!

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  • Wani

    I love this! I remember how excited we were to get a photo of my son (and also a family pix) standing! He was five years old and it has been a long time coming! We were thankful to have a sturdy bridge rail for him to hold onto but I would love to do a shot like yours w/ something dainty and cute for my daughter sometime. Thanks for sharing this!

  • http://iamsarahssmile.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    What a great photo & tutorial! Thank you for doing so many tutorials, they’re very helpful! :)

  • katka

    what a fantastic idea, it would never in a million years occur to me to flip the image…

  • Lynsey

    Really good. Very informative.

  • Shannon

    I haven’t thought about flipping the image! – Thanks :o)

  • http://www.the-ninth.com Robert

    I am less than thrilled. If she cannot stand with that buggy, why create an illusion that she can? As parent, why would I want to look at such a picture? There should be lots of other situations where you can photograph her in a natural and cute way.

  • Mrs. Thompson

    Thank you! This was helpful and informative! Love your outside-the-box thinking on flipping the photo!