Creating a composite in Photoshop (video tutorial)

A ‘composite’ is two or more images pulled together to create one. This video shows you how I combine two so-so images to create one fabulous one!

Note: final image edited with Florabella’s Luxe II and Spring action sets.


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  • This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this! I’ve struggled to get shots of my stepdaughters playing soccer, and I think this technique can help!

  • Beth Anthony

    For composites I use file>scripts>load files into stacks and check the align layers option in the dialogue.   It’s pretty good at lining up layers even when there are a lot of differences.

  • DaniGirl

    Fantastic tutorial and OMG how much do I love the image? Love love love it!

  • Lexilu Photography

    The image is beautiful…thank you for the tutorial on how you achieved the final, and for keeping it in real plain English :)

  • Ashley Nadreau

    Elizabeth! I noticed you used the crop tool and then straightened the photo. There is any easier way to do this, just in case you don’t know about it already. (I’m not sure if you just like the crop tool better, either way is fine :)
    But if you right click on the eye dropper tool and then click on the ruler, drag it across your horizon to straighten the horizon as you’d like and it will straighten it out for you! :) 

    Great tut, like always! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  • Belinda

    Wow! I have been head swapping cutting one head and adding it as a layer to the image I wanted to keep – this is so much easier and cleaner! thanks so much!

  • Joy Grimsley

    Thank you for this tutorial!  I was attempting to manage this on my own, and never could.  With your video, I was able to go step by step and get a pretty good composite of two adorable boys! Thanks again! 

  • Pat

    can this be done on PSE? thats all I have at the time.

  • Luceroacebedo

    Thanks ! I don’t understand the last part when you apply the actions your voice is too slow.