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Did you know… (A few tips for PSE and LR)

…that the \ key in Lightroom toggles you back and forth between before & after

…and typing ‘Y’ shows your before & after side-by-side

…that you can use different Photoshop actions on the same photo or play the same action twice

…that this button in LR turns the related edit off and on

…that to undo all the sliders you’ve fiddled with in LR, you just have to double-click on the heading (exe: to undo all the post-crop vignette sliders, just double-click ‘post-crop’ and they all go back to their original settings)

…that typing ‘L’ when viewing an image in the library or develop modules darkens everything so you can focus just on the image

…and typing ‘Z’ zooms your image to 100%

…that in PS, typing ctrl+’ brings up a grid incase you’re wondering if something’s straight

  • http://www.reddotstudio.ch hfng

    Hi! Is it possible in LR to apply different versions of effects on the same photo? For example, on the same photo I would like to create a BW and also a desaturated vintage look. What I am doing now is to make a duplicate of the RAW file so I have two different versions. But this is kinda cumbersome. I hope you know of a tip! Thanks!

  • elizabethhalford

    Hi! Yes, I just right-click > duplicate and then do a few different edits. Also, did you know that when you like something you did to a photo, you can click over to another and click ‘previous’ and it pastes that edit onto your newly selected photo?

  • Karolyn House

    Love your site. Just found out about it from DPS e-mail today.
    Thank you for your help.