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Lose 20 lbs from the comfort of your sofa – Liquify Video Tutorial

I really wanted to give you all a great video tutorial on how I use Photoshop’s liquify filter to remove bulges, flab and a few pounds for my clients. But I couldn’t figure out an example to show you because I didn’t want to be mean to any clients for whom I’ve used this method. Then I stumbled upon this totally amazing video tut. It’s a little extreme and I don’t personally believe that there is a perfect body type or anything, but sometimes I have post-partum mommas who ask me to please remove a little here and there and this is how I do it (P.S. this also works in PSE!):

  • Louise

    I need the Pucker tool :) Instant Toning how cool :)

  • Robyn Woodroffe

    OH if only it worked in real life………..

  • http://carrieevansphotography.com carrie

    Great! One question, when I pick liquify in cs3, it opens a new window. Anywhere I can change that to have it in the main window so I can access the clone stamp while using liquify?

  • elizabethhalford

    @Carrie: no, first liquify and then you can use the healing tools after :)

  • http://www.wix.com/starlit_beauty/hollyharrisonphotography Holly Harrison

    Thanks!  For posting!