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Reader Photo Friday – 5th March {Erasing people}

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This shot came from Simone A. Thank you, Simone!

Simone wanted to get rid of the people in the background. PSE has a tool called scene cleaner where you can literally click stuff you want to nix, but you have to have a photo from the exact same spot with nothing in the area you want to clean up. Which is why I take sooo many pictures and even keep the bad ones. You never know how they can be used.


I used the healing brush tool to erase the people. For example, I selected some sky next to the spot I wanted to clean and then cleaned it. I was making hundreds of re-selections since the colour of the sky changes throughout. The railing was really difficult. After using the healing brush, there were some lines between the different hues of blue, grey, etc, so I used the smudging finger to just smooth them out.

Time to edit: 50 minutes

{Please keep sending your shots to EH@elizabethhalford.com}

  • Simone

    Elizabeth, the depths of your skills and knowledge is truly amazing! Thank you for choosing and editing my pic.

    For the life of me, I could not figure it out, but I will give it another try with your steps!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • http://sara.typepad.com Sara

    Nicely done! You must have great patience skills…

  • Michelle

    Can you make a layer for a watermark in PSE so you don’t have to do the text box everytime on every picture? And if so how?

  • http://caterinalayphotography.blogspot.com/ Caterina

    I really like this idea for when the shot has been taken and there’s no other choice. But I think it’s a good idea to train yourself to wait patiently until you’ve shoot the frame as you want it, instead of taking lots of extra pictures just in case you need to photoshop someone out. Of course, sometimes you can’t wait around and let the ‘moment’ pass….