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Working with 16 bit files (video tutorial)

Last week, I posted “Bit depth in plain English”. Now that we have that foundation in place, let’s start talking about how this actually plays out in your workflow.

  • Cindy

    Oh my gosh… thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and reasoning… you speak and describe wonderfully along with illustrations.   Thank you !!!

  • Donnajm24

     Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for this video! I too speak in plain
    English and appreciate you for doing so as well. :) This was very helpful, esp. being a video rather than written out.  

    I came across
    this info., also in regards to 8 bit/16 bit and wonder if you would have the time to read this short post and please tell me what your
    thoughts are on it. I went ahead and followed it, but wonder if I
    really needed to? I also wonder what your settings are at. Thanks in advance! 

  • elizabethhalford

     Hi! Yes, I read that when it came out and found it helpful. I do think there’s quite a valid point there in that what’s the point of editing an image to look a certain way on your screen if it will never actually print or be viewed online that way? I’ve made a couple of changes after reading that post. Think they’re ultra valid points. :)

  • Donnajm24

    Thanks Elizabeth for responding…and so quickly too!  Being new to Photoshop and Lightroom can be a bit overwhelming with how it all works.  I appreciate your help. :)

  • George Augustine

    simplicity is your strength..you connect with the viewer.Thanks.

  • leah

    thank you for explaining the way you explain. you are a born communicator/teacher and I appreciate that in this sea of info.