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Free preset – Hawaii Five-0

Another fun freebie from Lightroom Killer Tips !

  • Terry Byford

    Are these images reversed? The “before” shots look eminently better than the “after”.

    In the wave shot, the blue wave has been de-saturated to the extent it has left a vibrant blue a pale watercolour.

    The second image seems to have acquired a slight greenish cast.

    And the image of the young girl has gone horribly wrong again. In attempting to eradicate a magenta cast, it has acquired a greenish cast and the result looks more like a photo left out in the sun too long and has faded. Unless, of course, this was what was intended.

  • Laura Fish

    Terry’s comments are my thought exactly…please tell us that the images are reversed. I can’t imaging anyone wanting turn what appear to be very nice photos in the “before” images into the desaturated, green cast images that appear in the “after” images.

  • Laura Fish

    OK…I guess I should have looked at the Lightroom post first. Apparently this was the intended look…make them appear to be old and faded for “background” images in photobooks and such.

  • Amr Tahtawi

    Love the color treatment here specially for the blue wave and how you turned them to mellow and desaturate surreal mood. well done. Thanks for sharing.