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One Willow does it again! Video Introduction

Aahh Evangeline how I love thee (when you watch the video you’ll know what I mean). Jessica Paige from One Willow has come out with a smashing new set of B&W presets for the Retro Candy Presets range and they are so beautiful – my new favourites!

You may ask what could possibly be so special about these since B&W is pretty much all the same. Oh, but it’s not! You’ve got moss, rose, golden, lavender and velveteen. And then there’s the girls: Evangeline, Roselyn and Tatum (which I’m soooo tired I misread as ‘tantrum’ in the video LOL so sorry!)

And as usual, these presets don’t take your own creativity away because they include postsets which are presets you click after you’ve chosen your base to then further customise it. And this is the first set which includes a ‘start over’ button to remove all your preset settings and start over without messing up your crop! Brilliant!

So click below and watch the video introduction and so so sorry again for filming after my bedtime when clearly the reading section of my brain has clocked out for the day! PS to view in HD, click play and then turn HD on.

Video Introduction to Retro Candy Presets from ehphotograph on Vimeo.