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FREE Totally Rad Actions

PSE faithfuls, please forgive me I couldn’t resist any longer – I took the dive into PS4. And with it, I’m able to bring you the most amazing, amazing AMAZING actions on the planet! I found these months ago, but couldn’t use them in PSE so sadly filed the link away in my list of things I could never have. Now I can and they even offer a freebie set to fall in love with!

Don’t worry, I still LOVE PSE for certain things and will continue to bring you tips and tutorials using it.

So without further ado, check out these freeĀ Totally Rad actions. {There are a few which I didn’t use because they weren’t appropriate for this photo}

  • http://www.fionaswampington.blogspot.com paige whitley

    Your SOOC and magic glasses are only different in the reds, from what I can see. Great capture!

  • Carla

    Love them! Thanks bunches!

  • Carla

    I can see a difference in the Magic Glasses and SOOC. Did you keep at 100% or lower?

  • elizabethhalford

    Yep just kept them all as default

  • Annie

    Sweeeet! I am going to try these out. Thanks, Elizabeth, for the link. Freebies are the best!

  • derekw

    Is it just me, but why can’t I see the download for actions anywhere?

  • elizabethhalford

    click ‘try em’