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The long awaited guest post from One Willow!

Thank you so much for all who entered the One Willow Preset giveaway!   There were so many wonderful entries, it was an incredibly difficult task to choose just one!  Of course my indecisive nature just had to take over as I was trying to decide, so I turned to my dear friend Shana Rae from Florabella Collections to help me narrow it down a bit.  Again, so many beautiful images were entered and if I had the time I would edit each one but in the end I chose Joelle’s beautiful image of her lovely daughter and Natasha William’s gorgeous maternity image.  Both winners will receive all of the One Willow Preset Collections, which includes; The Retro Candy Set, The Black and White Set and The Fairytale Set (coming soon).  I have posted the recipes for each image I edited with One Willow Presets below, as well as, a few tips for getting the best look from presets.

My first edit is on the image by Joelle.  I love the angle, the fabulous focus and the adorable but serene expression on the little girl. It was so much fun to edit, here is the Preset recipe I used…

The very first adjustment I made to the image in Lightroom was to crop it.  I wanted to angle it just a bit to the right, helping to get the image closer to the rule of thirds and bring more of the focus to her face and eyes.

Next, I applied one of my new favorite One Willow Presets- ‘Fairytale’  from The Fairytale Set.  This Set is scheduled for release in a few weeks, so you all are getting the first sneak peek!

Then I applied another One Willow Preset, also from the Fairytale Set, called Soft Light.  This preset added a light-leak coming from the same direction as the light source in the picture.  I also added a soft vignette by applying a post called Soft burn.

Finally, I used the adjustment brush on brightness to slightly lighten the shadowed areas under her eyes.  I also used the adjustment brush on contrast throughout her hair to add a bit more detail and depth.  I still felt like I had to much shadow cast under her eyes so to further lighten them, I used the spot tool on very low opacity and pulled in color from just below the shadows to create even toned coverage.

Thank you Joelle for entering this lovely image and for allowing me the privilege to edit it.  Hope you enjoy your new presets!!!

My next edit is on the image by  Natasha Williams Photography.  I loved the composition on this image, the sweet moment and the gorgeous backdrop. It would be a gorgeous edit in color but when I ran the Tatum preset from The Black and White Set, I adored the timeless feel it created.

The recipe on this was super quick and easy… As I mentioned above I used the Tatum preset.  It was almost a one-click edit but because my presets are for raw files I had to made a slight brightness and contrast tweak.  But that’s it!  Love, Love when I can get a fabulous edit straight from the preset!

Thank you Natasha for submitting this gorgeous maternity image, I am sure your clients fell in love with it!  I also hope you enjoy your new presets!   (btw… I will have them for ACR too)  :)

So, since Elizabeth has kindly given me the floor today, I thought I would pass along a few tips about getting the best look out of your preset.

  1. If your image looks ‘over-toned’ by a preset, begin by checking your exposure.  Often a little exposure increase will bring the tones into place.  However, sometimes  further tweaking is needed and usually it involves the light and shadows. Don’t be afraid to adjust your tone curve, brightness and contrast.  All of these play a huge role in the look of the preset on your image.
  2. Utilize your adjustment brush.  Occasionally, the majority of the image will look fabulous with the Preset but an area on the image may be to dark or to light.  Use your adjustment brush to make an isolated adjustment to that specific area.  For example, if your eyes seem to dark because of the way the preset deepened the shadows. Grab your adjustment brush, choose your desired brush setting (exposure, contrast, clarity, etc…) then decrease the brush density or amount on by pulling the control slider to the positive.  Then brush it onto the specific area you want to fix.  The same is true to darken an area, except you will pull the brush density to the negative. You will have to play with this for a bit to figure it out but once you do, you will love it!
  3. One preset will not work for every image.  Yes, you will have a certain faves, but I strongly encourage you to try new ones too.  You can use your Navigation panel image window (located on the upper left side of your screen in the develop module)  You can scroll your cursor over each preset and get a little ‘preview’ in the Navigation window of what the preset will look like on your image.  I use this ALL the time, it’s a fabulous feature.
  4. Lastly, have fun!   One Willow Presets let you have total control over your exposure and provide tons of options to finish the Preset looks with Post-looks.  Each Set contains Posts, which are a variety of adjustments that can be applied after the presets to give you different finished ‘looks’.  The Posts allow you to create new looks from one preset putting your creative energy to use and giving you more ownership of your image’s edit.

Okay, I could make a huge list of tips but I better not ramble to long on Elizabeth’s blog. :)  You can visit the One Willow Studios site for examples of all of the presets and for more tutorials on how to use them.


Jessica Paige

  • http://www.artographybyjoelle.com Joelle

    Oh my goodness!!! I am floored!! This is the first time I’ve entered anything, wow wow wow!! You guys are my heroes..wow!! Thank you so much!!

  • http://www.onewillowstudios.com Jessica Paige

    Congrats Joelle! Thanks again for entering your lovely image! Could you email me at onewillowstudios(at)gmail(dot)com so I can send you new presets to you! :)

  • http://www.onewillowstudios.com Jessica Paige

    oops… I meant your new presets to you! :)

  • http://www.florabellacollection.com Shana Rae

    Congrats to both winners! I just love these images sooo much- and Jessica, your edits are gorgeous!! There were so many beautiful entries..wow! :)

  • http://www.artographybyjoelle.com Joelle

    Yes thank you Jessica for your edit, it’s beautiful :) And thanks Shana, I’m such a huge fan of florabella, absolutely breathtaking!

  • http://natashawilliamsphoto.com Natasha Williams

    Wow, I’m so excited! I love both of the edits! So excited to try out the presets, I haven’t ever used lightroom before (just photoshop), but I’m thinking I’ll be buying it now!

  • http://www.janetwolbarst.com janet

    looking looking looking for the discount code for 30% off, am I missing it somewhere? I can’t find it. Was it removed?