3 ways the 7D is better than the 5D

Can the Canon 7D possibly be better than the 5DmkII? Well in terms of image quality, nothing holds a candle to full frame. But just the fact that people are even asking that of the 7D is pretty far out, dude! I mean…has there ever been a camera that photographers would consider comparing to the full frame models like the 5DmkII? Pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone utter, “So do you think a Rebel is better than the 5D?” So yeah…just the fact that people are even asking that of the 7D is something to make us sit up and take notice.

Here are three ways I’ve found that the 7D wins hands down:

Hot bod

The body/build of the 7D is so much sexier than the 5DmkII. The memory card door pops open with a spring and then closes with a satisfying (and reassuring) ‘click’. The 5D? Well it kinda just flops open and doesn’t seem to care what you do either way. And without a spring, it gets in the way unless you angle the body downward. It’s a little thing and I wouldn’t sacrifice image quality for a springy little door, but you can just tell that in every way, from the knobs to the buttons to the doors, that the 7D is a far more evolved specimen.


7D = 19 focus points.

5DmkII = 9 focus points.

Need I say more? Not only are there more focus points to choose from on the 7D, the focusing is faster and steadier. More on that here.

Speedy Gonzales

The 7D is speedy. Super fast focusing and super fast shooting. The 5DmkII can shoot up to 3.9 fps (um…that’s pretty much 4) and the 7D is a whopping 8 fps. Which makes the 7D far superior for sports enthusiasts.

Like I said…there are arguments for both cameras, but I promised that when I upgraded to full frame, I wasn’t going to leave my 7D readers behind. So fear not, folks…I still love the 7D!

  • If the 7D was full-frame, I would have one by now.  Another advantage the 7D has is +/- 3 stops of exposure compensation, compared to only +/- 2 stops on the 5DmkII.  The 7D’s better autofocus is most important to me though.

    In my opinion, the 7D is better in every way, except it’s not full-frame.

    Still waiting for the 5DmkIII…

  • Wendy Adam

    I got a 7D recently and was surprised how loud and clunky the shutter sounds compared to my 400D. Was wondering if this is normal or is mine faulty? I couldn’t imagine using it to shoot a wedding, I’m sure the sound would be too distracting during the service

  • I own both.  Couldn’t agree with you more.  I think the 5D is super LOUD as well.  Would never shoot with it in a setting where I could possibly disturb others.   I don’t mind not having the crop frame and have yet to see the big deal other than picture quality.   I do miss the 19 point focus when using my 5D as well.   I go back and forth with both bodies.  Still have yet to totally fall in love with the 5D.  Got it because a workshop I signed up for said I must have a full frame body to attend.   Thanks for the post :-D

  • I own both and agree with your points, except the memory door :-).  If I shot more action, then the 7D would be my primary camera, but you just can’t beat the 5D MkII full frame sensor for printing large fine art work.  I think the 5D MkIII will have all the 7D features and a full frame sensor, except for not having 8 fps.  I don’t think the 5D series was ever intended to be a sports photography camera.  Canon Full frames are never as fast as the crop sensors.

  • I’m waiting for the 5D MkIII — Supposedly it’s a full frame 7D.

  • Mamaduso5

    the 7D is on my dream wish list.

  • Andrea

    I own a 7D and luv luv luv it!  You just help make up my mind…. I’ll put my money into a new lens instead

  • “Well in terms of image quality, nothing holds a candle to full frame”

    I couldnt disagree more. The size of your sensor has NOTHING to do with image quality. Nothing. This is another “bigger is better” myth just like the megapixel myth. The 7D shoots circles around the 5DMKII with no real discernible difference in image quality. The 5D is antiquated at this point. I suspect when the 7DMKII and the 5DMKIII drop there will be even less difference since the 7D will be moving into full frame and will likely have the same sensor as the 5DMKIII.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for these comparisons, it was helpful. :) Would you mind giving me a rundown on the noise level at high ISO for both of these cameras? At what point do they start to break down? I’ve noticed I shoot in a lot of low light situations mush to my dismay. THANKS!

  • elizabethhalford