“Your camera takes good pictures”

“Your camera takes good pictures” and…

“…Mozart’s piano makes good music”

“…my oven bakes great cookies”

“…my paintbrush does great paintings”

“…my keyboard writes great stories”

“…my fishing pole catches great fish”

  • adam
  • adam
  • Haha! I have heard that before, and now I’ll have the perfect reply thanks to you. :)

  • Amen. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard this…however, lately, people give me their camera and ask me why they aren’t getting good pictures. It’s like sure I have a fancy camera and have a better chance of taking decent pictures but I used to only have a point and shoot…and I still took good pictures.

  • Oh that was sooooo great! I have an entry level DSLR (Canon 450d), still. I’ve had it, oh say about 3 years now? It’s my baby. I may never get rid of it. Do I want to upgrade, oh yeah (in time…when I can pay cash for it)! But, I am not going to let my camera limit me. Artists work with what they have, right? This was awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Amen! :)

  • Danielle

    i LOVE this thank you for posting It drives me bananas when people tell me my camera takes good pictures! hello I am the one controlling the camera I take good pictures

  • Shannon

    The only thing that bothers me more is when people say, “I like to take pictures, I should be a photographer.”

    I hear that at probably every wedding I do. It takes everything I have to hold back and not do anything but smile and walk away.

  • I love this. Its so true.

  • I also have to agree! I’ve seen a person with the exact same camera as mine take far less quality pictures. Im not trying to toot my own horn, but its how to you use what you have.I feel that some of my images compare right next to those who take their photos with a Mark 5 (I use a canon rebel xsi).

  • Amy

    Totally! I’m insulted when I hear that!

  • Man, how many times have I heard this one! My extended family is still getting used to me doing photography and not fashion as my new career, and have said this to me. The last time they said it, I replied, its not the camera but the person behind the lens using the camera that takes “good pictures.” They said, “oh yes, yes you are right.” I think I finally shut them up!

    Thanks for this post!

  • Elodie

    Even my mum said this to me recently and I said “yeah, it’s amazing how my camera can take pictures all by itself.”

  • Angela


  • kelly tonks

    I’ve heard how photogenic the models are too, like any one could have captured them. The models are compleetlely beautiful, but I had something to do with the image. Kind of in the same way with the camera comments.

    This was fun! The comic is great :-)

  • This was what I needed today. I just had someone say this to me and I knew that I had read this somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember it. Now I have it printed and right next to my computer. I’ll be ready the next time says “Wow you camera takes great pictures.

  • Darn Skippy!