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How many photos has your camera taken? {a great way to find out}

Wanna know how many photos your camera has taken in its life? Try this:

Upload a SOOC (straight out of camera) jpg on Flickr. When viewing your image, click the name of your camera shown to the right of the image. It looks like this:

Then, you’ll be taken to a huge list of data like this which tells you everything about your photo from the camera and lens it was taken with to all the settings used to take the shot. And somewhere in there, you’ll see the words ‘shutter count’ or ‘index file’ and that’s your magic number!


After publishing this post, these helpful tips have come in from readers:

  • The trick is not to download your picture into your photo software program. Just import it directly from your card to your computer. Mine was listed under File Index.
  • You can also do this very easily if you have a Mac. Pull up the picture in Preview, then click on Tools, Show Inspector, then Exif Data.
  • There is also a little free program called EOSinfo available from astrojargon.com. I think this onlt works for EOS cameras but if you thether your camera to your PC this will tell you your shutter count and more.
  • Read this if you have a Canon Rebel series camera

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chelss.dawn Chelsea Lewis

    This doesn’t work for Canon T1i. =(

  • Dana Romanuka

    I have a PhotoMe software and it shows the number of photos taken by my camera

  • http://www.uprinting.com/vinyl-banner.html vinyl banner

    This is really a helpful tip mostly for me, who’s really new in photography. I was wondering if this works on Canon G12? By the way I am really captivated by your site banner, I like it.

  • Jmorkute

    Sadly nothing works for Canon 30D

  • Rmcbjc

    my canon 7D said file index and 1337… i thought i had taken more photos than that …i shoot raw so is this only the jpeg count?  or does it take into consideration the raw photos you shot too?  i did take a jpeg for this “test” and then just loaded it to my desktop but i did use lightroom

  • Anonymous

    oh no idea! just passing on the tip.

  • Caitmarie619

    I’m on Flickr trying to do this and I can’t see where it says my camera data at all :( Is that still a feature on Flickr?

  • Amaryllis

    Old post, but I thought I’d just add my own way to know how many photos I’ve taken. My T3i has always been set on continuous numbering for the files, so right now it shows 6593, which is, I think, a pretty accurate number considering my first photos with it when I had it on August 28th (the ones I kept) range from 0052 to about 0100 (I spammed the heck out of the camera the first day I had it, and I still spam when there’s something very unique happening). Seeing how the photos are in the 2000 in October, 3000 in November, 4000~5000 in December and now 6000 in January, I think it’s pretty accurate to think the number, which has never been reset, is good.