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How do I sell my photography gear? {eBay seller tips}

Following a post I wrote on lens envy where I talked about how I’ve sold up all my prime lenses to buy my first L Series, I’ve had lots of emails asking me exactly how I sell my wares. Well…and I say this with caution…I sell them on eBay. Unfortunately, eBay has really gone down hill in the past few years, especially where electronics are concerned.

One email asked if I get anything near what I paid for the item. I’ve always gotten top dollar and these are the things I consider when selling camera gear on eBay:

  • In the item subtitle, I always write “Authentic Canon, UK stock, Privately Owned”.
  • I always post a stock image from the manufacturer (eBay usually supplies one if you tell them the make and model) and also one of the actual item.
  • I explain why I’m selling, how long I have had it, the original price and where I bought it from and a link back to the original store where I bought it
  • I tell them approximately how many times it has been used and how it has been stored
  • I post a couple of the best shots I’ve gotten with that lens (or accessory) and give my professional opinion 
  • I tell them it’s from a smoke free home.
  • I schedule the auction to begin at a time when people will be home when it ends. For example, don’t start the auction at 2pm on a Tuesday because that means that 3, 5, 7 or 10 days later when it’s about to end, there won’t be many people online. When people click to ‘watch’ your item, they will get a notification when it’s about an hour or two from ending so I’d like that to happen while they’re at home on the internet. I like to start my auctions at 8pm.

With so many thousands of items on eBay, yours will be white noise if you don’t make it stand out with sincerity. I rarely buy on eBay anymore and when I do, it’s only from a private seller who can convey a personal sense in their auction so I know everything I want to know about the item before I take the dive.


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  • http://www.catherinehalseyphotography.com Catherine

    Thanks so much for this! I’m getting ready to sell a camera body and 3 lenses and this is great!!