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Session Wrap-up {The Lavender Girl}

You may have caught this session over on my Gracie May Photography blog. Here’s the wrap-up for you photogs!

{Technical Details}

  • Camera: Canon 5D mkII
  • Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
  • Settings: AV mode set wide open at f/2.8
  • File format: RAW

{Location & Weather}

A lavender farm which has only 2 open public days per year. There were many people around and they either had to be cloned out in Photoshop or I had to wait for them to clear before taking the shots. The weather was overcast and warm.

{The subject}

My friend’s daughter Serenity who is extremely chatty and outgoing. She’s so little {I think she’s 3?} but very clever. My favorite quote of hers is from a Christmas party last year when she ran up to me and said, “Elijah’s mum, Elijah’s mum! Do you like my dress? {twirling} I got it on eBay.” Being that she’s so outgoing, I was surprised to see her go very shy and still once the camera was on. But she was very up for it and kindly went with all of my suggestions – my favourite kind of subject!


The two pettiskirts were purchased at a children’s boutique on a whim. There are many more to be found on Prop Insanity. The little white top was just an under shirt from ASDA.

{A funny story}

There’s always something to be learned or remembered from your sessions. This time, I had to get bold like a lion to stand up for this little cub. I was crouched down getting this shot –> and some Japanese tourists who were visiting the attraction were taking photos of each other. Well…the guy with the camera got down right behind me and was literally taking photos of Serenity right over my shoulder! I turned around and nicely said, “Oh I’m sorry but you can’t take her photo please.” He nodded and said, “yes yes ok ok” and I continued. But so did his shutter! I turned again and pointed to his camera and said more firmly, “NO pictures”. Well…Serenity’s parents were over talking to my husband and I was feeling pretty much like it was my job to handle the whole thing once and for all because, nice and smiley as he was, he kept taking photos. I finally had to put on my mom voice {you DON’T want to hear my mom voice} and firmly tell him once and for all that he was NOT to be taking photos of Serenity. Needless to say, he ran away :) But somewhere out there are pictures just like these which were taken right over my shoulder {sigh}.


These photos were edited with MCP Actions’ Fusion set and magic skin.


A couple B&As for you:

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  • http://www.jenniferkrafchik.com/ Jen

    I love to read your session wrap up – very helpful and interesting!  Your photos and subject are gorgeous.  Your edits are amazing.  I have the mini fusion set and now I’m thinking about getting the full set.  I’m just starting out and trying to not go over board with my spending – do you think it’s worthwhile upgrading – would you in my shoes?

  • Lea Hartman

    Very helpful! And as a mother, I would take great offense if ANY stranger started taking pictures of a child that didn’t belong to them. We have words for that! ‘Creepy’ is one of them!

  • Jodie

    Question:  Are you supporting the camera with a tripod/monopod or something to keep it steady and not miss focus at 2.8?
    What were your shutter speeds?  And, I love the images.  So beautiful!  Thank you for the photog info!

  • Anonymous

    Oh my SS was so fast (1/320) that I had no need for one. I like to remain spontaneous which is why I hate tripods!

  • http://www.nevervoid.com Nevervoid

    Great before and afters! Love the dept of field as well.

  • Inspired by christy

    These are stunning!  I’m sure the Japanese versions won’t be near as nice!