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Goodbye blogging, hello open doors!

Note: there is video in this post. If you’re reading in your inbox, click here.

I never knew this day would come. I feel so incredibly vulnerable with all that I shared in this post. It’s been one wild ride and I love you all. My audience taught me to be me and to love myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for embracing me.

If six years ago you told me I would become a pro blogger with a dedicated following, I would have said, “Shutthehellup! Inconceivable!” Yet here I am. I’ve been blogging, teaching, consulting and writing for about 6 years. With no less than 800 posts on my blog about photography, business, people and sales, I’ve built a rather spiffy base of information for photographers and small business people. And I’ve been recognised in public exactly two times (hello, fame!)

This business of writing 40 hours a week in my PJs served me well. Very, very well. So well, in fact, that it’s led to wondrous new lands of opportunity. Many doors I looked through and said ‘no thanks’ but others were clearly enchanted wardrobes so I jumped in wholeheartedly. It’s those doors that have led to where I am now and I’m finding myself no longer able to nurture my blog and provide the support to my fine readers I was able to provide up until now.

recording in my London studio with Sarah

I didn’t just want to leave elizabethhalford.com┬áto stagnate as a dormant once-thriving-blog. I didn’t want all of this content to sit and fall to page 3619 in Google results. So I found someone who’s a lot like me to curate my content, keep up with your communications, and be as sharing as you have (hopefully) found me to be.

This person is Sarah Grace of The Photographer’s Element and she’s committed to taking the best care of my “word babies” for you.

It doesn’t end here. Last month, I taught my Sales in Plain English class for the last time to an audience of ten eager photographers and a film crew so it is going to be available as a class online through The Photographer’s Element very soon.

// what now? //

Now, when you come to elizabethhalford.com, you will find that the front page now houses only this post. Over the next year, The Photographer’s Element will be rolling out my content for you to search, reference and enjoy. Hopefully, this will even give my legacy readers a fresh view of past educational posts and expose a new audience to things which many readers grew to love years ago.

Please watch the video above, hear my heart about this new move and then go over and subscribe to The Photographer’s Element to keep getting my posts in your inbox and much much more which they have to share with you!

Much love,

Elizabeth Halford

PS. The video above feels suuuuper vulnerable to me and I’d really rather not have to be so vulnerable, but I’m doing it anyway. So a couple of unnecessary, self conscious notes from me: Yes I KNOW it’s long. Sorry about that. Just couldn’t get it any shorter. As you can see, it’s already been cut quite a bit.

Insecure note #2: I am so insanely embarrassed that my hair looked like a clown of some sort! I clearly didn’t take a nanosecond to look at it before we filmed. I hate it so much, in fact, that if I could fly Sarah back to London to film allover again, I would. In fact, I’d rather that the guys editing had placed some sort of digital elvis hair over me in the video. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!