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Makeup Tips for Female Photographers

Calling all women photographers! And um…maybe a few men, too? :) Makeup isn’t just for your clients. I had a question from a reader lately about what I wear to a session and it got me thinking along the lines of beauty for women who want to look good while they work.

Before falling into my photography business, I was a makeup artist. So when I was doing my makeup yesterday to go shoot a wedding, I thought: ‘I should share this with my readers!’

Shooting is a far sweatier, heavier, more physical job than those who don’t practice it can imagine. And this quickly translates into sweat, oil and redness on the face of the photographer. How many women have to wipe foundation and oils off their camera screen every 5 seconds? It’s so annoying! And having your camera up in front of your face all day can make you feel even hotter. So here’s the way I do my makeup before a shoot.

Foundation foundation – Before foundation, I lay a foundation with primer. Luckily, I have a full professional kit of MAC products to use up after ending my makeup business. If you don’t have access to MAC, Benefit makes a good primer too. Primer re-texturises your skin, soaks up oils and stops sweat in its tracks (up to a certain point).

Oil mattifier – I have pretty oily skin, especially in the summer (wedding season) so in addition to primer, I use oil mattifier on my forehead, nose & chin. Oil is a camera’s silent killer so keep it at bay.

Foundation – I use either MAC studio fix liquid. If I didn’t have to take a 2 hour train to get to MAC in London, I’d pick up the studio fix powder foundation because I’m so so oily.

Lippie – No photographer has time to be messing around with their makeup during the day so I whack on some lipliner and MAC gloss and it lasts all day. I also keep a tube of balm in my pocket because talking with (and sometimes shouting to) clients all day can get your lips dried out.

In my kit bag – in my kit bag, I keep a pack of oil blotting tissues which you just press onto your oil slick, not wipe across your face. They soak up excess oil quickly without messing up your face. If you’re in America, you’re lucky enough to be able to get the Clean n Clear ones which are the best! They’re made out of this weird blue plasticy material and they soak up soooo much oil.

So there you have it – a bit of beauty advice for the photographer who wants to look as good as the bride (just don’t wear white!) :)

  • Marea Breedlove

    Very helpful advice. I have oily skin and I live in Oklahoma! However, I use Mary Kay products and they have most of the same types of products that MAC has. Luckily, I can just order mine and it comes to my house.
    I’m not to the level of photography that you are yet, but this is good advice for everyday if you have oily skin and are out and about at all. Thanks Elizabeth!

  • http://twoscoopz.com Jan

    I am constantly wiping my camera screen!

  • Lauren

    You can get those blue clean and clear ones in boots can’t you? I’m sure that’s where I got mine :)

  • http://objecticfkaro49.wordpress.comm karophoto

    EXTRA :)