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Wondering about my eye?

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  • http://lauramaephoto.blogspot.com/ Laura Hanis

    Hey!  We’re the same age :) 

    I think we’re always our own worst critic and fear others will notice the thing we’re most insecure about it first.  What’s amazing, is that that’s rarely the case and those insecurities actually can bring about some of our biggest strengths.  Thank you for your transparency :)  Know you’re beautiful and own it!

  • http://christydunnphotography.com/ Christy

    I think you are adorable!  I love your blog and your vlogs.  They have helped me a ton in my fairly photography business.  Thank you for sharing all of your expertise and yourself with us.  Keep up the great work.  You really make a difference.

  • http://christydunnphotography.com/ Christy

    I think you are adorable!  I love your blog and your vlogs.  They have helped me a ton in my fairly photography business.  Thank you for sharing all of your expertise and yourself with us.  Keep up the great work.  You really make a difference.

  • Rhonda

    I think you are beautiful just the way you are.

  • GeorgyD17

    “There it is” :) lovely eye, “there is nothing I can do”, well, maybe that is the way of God, telling you: “There is nothing more you should do about it”, because the way it is, is just perfect, beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Helps a lot. :D

  • Meagan

    Oh too much fun! 

  • http://www.onesockon.com/ Jennifer

    Thanks for posting and being so frank. 

  • http://twitter.com/onlyonetalya Talya Shoup Burnett

    To be honest, I hardly noticed your eye either, but I appreciate and respect your honesty and openness. We all have our flaws (I, for one, would love bigger boobs and believe me, padded bras only take you so far, LOL), but getting over them and working toward your dream is something we should embrace. 

  • Breanne Clemmensen


    You are beautiful! I love you seeing the real you. Your blog post are awesome and your newer vlog post have been wonderful too. Thanks for always sharing you! 


  • Megan Hodge

    You are beautiful and an amazing photographer. Thank you for sharring.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkilkerr Justine Kilkerr

    Elizabeth, you are a joy and an inspiration, talented, brave and beautiful. I’m in the UK too (Brighton) and just beginning to set up my own photography business. Your articles, videos and everything on your blog have motivated and inspired me like nothing else. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s your words of encouragement that persuaded me to go for it and “follow my dream” (I’m a novelist, so should be able to come up with a phrase better than “follow my dream”, but it’s Saturday so I’m having a day off!). Thank you for being you! <3

  • Haleigh Rohner

    Thank you for your vulnerability. My 10 year old daughter also has a ptosis and she struggles a lot with it for the same reasons you shared. Hugs to you! you are beautiful <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/darla219 Darla Whisenand

    You are an amazing inspiration.  Thank you.  I really needed to hear this today.  I’m just starting out in this amazing journey of becoming a “great” professional photographer and have had insecurities as well.  It’s people like you that make them bearable and give me the ability to overcome them.  God Bless you! 

  • jennifer

    Psalm 139:14
       I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,     I know that full well.

  • Lisadellabella

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I was one of those wondering about your eye because I had never noticed it in previous videos from you. Anyway, your vlog about it was awesome and inspiring! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I love you even more now!

  • TruLight

    Thank you for addressing an insecurity so openly here.  Yes, God made you with your skills and talents – and your appearance.  You are unique and the “imperfections” are what make us unique.  I am half asian and BOTH of my eyes look like your ptosis eye!  Nothing unique about that – but there are many other “Unique” gifts!

    I am a bit of an introvert, so I feel comfortable hiding behind my camera!  I don’t have to socialize when I’m at a distance, by myself taking pictures of the crowd or event.  Your encouragement to get out there and engage is inspiring and I will think of you and your courage to vlog when I’m feeling insecure in a crowd!

    Thank you – l really enjoy your blog and tips and, now, also your vlogs!  

    God bless you and grant you peace!

  • Mandy Provan

    Elizabeth……….you are SO brave to go on camera and share your struggle with all of us. You are always such a great encouragement to all of us who follow your blog and this is our chance to let you know that we love you for who you are – ptosis eye and all!! :) Your images are so inspiring and your willingness to share your knowledge and help fellow photographers is so greatly appreciated. God has blessed you immensely and we are blessed by the images you produce and skills you share. Keep shining……you’re on the right track!  

  • Amy L

    Thank you for sharing from your heart about this.  I, also, have problems with my left eye. . .a little different, though.  I was born cross-eyed.  The surgery fixed my right eye, but my left eye gets “lazy” and wanders when I’m tired.   It has been an uncomfortable thing for me as well. . .sometimes made me not want to talk to people when I know it’s looking bad.  Thank you for the reminder to keep going &  not let the way God made us get in the way of what He has planned for us.

  • Veronica S

    I’m new to your blog and before you pointed to it i didn’t realize there was anything wrong with your eye.  I thought this post would be about your “eye” for photography which is why i clicked thru.  But now that i have heard your story i want to share a little of mine.  Right this very moment i sit here with stitches in my face from where i’ve had a huge keloid scar removed from beneath my chin. 

    I felt so self concious of it and have wanted to do video logging but couldn’t or rather wouldn’t because of it. So though there is a chance of it returning i had to have removed. Though after having it for 6 years i learned to live with it in IRL. Most people never mention it although its glaringly obvious.  Though i will say small children stare at me as though i were from outer space.

    Your eye to me does not seem hideous or terribly noticeable to me depending on how you wear your hair i guess. and i suppose if i actually knew you i’d notice it more. but i know its not about what the viewer feels its how it makes YOU feel. and being a photographer seems like it makes it that much harder.  So kudo to you and your bravery in the field of photography as well as your courageous vblogging.

  • Jen

    You’re gorgeous, and I understand! I had a nose job because I looooooooathe my nose, and unfortunately it just made it worse… which makes me feel horrible because I tried to fix it and failed. I hate it so much, but I only think about it anymore in photos of myself. :)

  • Omrakan3

    I saw all ur tutorials and didn’t notice it…

  • http://www.nytlivnyedroemme.dk/ Mette

    I can definitely relate to what you are saying and how you are feeling. I used to have rather bad acne, and no drug that the doctor would give me could cure it, nor did any of the numerous advices online and in magazines about drinking lots of water, staying away from dairy products etc. etc. etc help me just a little. I have litteraly spend thousands of pounds on medicine, cosmetics, oils and lotions trying desperately to find that one thing that could help me, but nothing ever helped and I kept feeling so volnurable since my “problem area” could not be covered up med clothes or disguesed with a padded bra or something like that. I tried to not let it bother me, but on the days when I was tired, my mood was low and my skin was particulary bad I used to cry myself to sleep because I felt disgusting and unattractive…

    Luckily I got a new family physician(the 6th that I had seen about my acne). He had had the same problem when he was younger and he agreed to send me to a dermatologist about an isotretinoin prescription. This drug has serious side effects and the five months that I needed to take the pills were hard and sometimes painfull but in the end it cured my acne and I only regret not having insited that one of my previous family physicians send me to a dermatologist years sooner.

    I realize that you are not as lucky as me since ptosis cannot be cured by a simple pill, but I wanted to let you know that there are many others out there (and here on you great blog) that have the same kind of issues about the way their skin and faces look. And I think that you look gorgeous :-)

    Oh, and hearing you say that you are only 2 years older than me has definitely sparked my dream of ditching my current job and becoming a photographer instead.

    Thank you for a wonderful blog

  • John

    You’re beautiful.

  • Julie

    You are beautiful and I think your eye looks perfectly fine. I honestly didn’t even notice. I’m new to your blog and am so inspired. Thank you so much for helping all of us!!

  • Kathleen C.

    I appreciate the rawness of this video; unscripted, unedited, just you. Thanks so much for sharing this. Although my struggle isn’t necessary a physical one, what you shared was an encouragement for me to pursue what I love. You’re amazing!

  • Stavros

    You are just beautiful

  • Louise

    Elizabeth, I have just discovered your blog and I am addicted! I am just starting out in photography and your tutorials and advice are great. It is so refreshing to see a photographer openly sharing all that they have learnt. You are truly inspirational.
    And as for your ptosis, I watched your video and found myself not drawn to your eye but to your face and personality and found myself smiling and thinking what an amazing woman this is….you radiate beauty!

  • hilary

    You’re adorable! Just found your blog and videos, love!

  • Carrie

    wow well done you – this is lovely x