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You can reflect light with just about anything!

You really can make a reflector out of anything. I was playing with my new point-and-shoot {Canon G1 x} at a restaurant the other day and my hubby’s face was too shadowed and dull. So I propped the white menu up on my camera-right and -voila!- reflected light! Put on your thinking cap and see where you can reflect light the next time you want to make those eyes pop.

P.S. No, we were NOT eating at McDonalds! :)

P.P.S. Isn’t my husband dreamy? Hubba hubba!

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  • http://www.notablenest.blogspot.com/ Kelly Griglione @ Notable Nest

    Love this reminder that even if you don’t have all your equipment with you (which is most of the time for me!) you can still get a good shot. A white menu = brilliant!!

  • Mamaduso5

    Great tip!  Thank you!

  • https://elizabethfeild.wordpress.com/ Elizabeth Feild

    *note to self*

    & yes, your hubs is a hottie! This reminds me of the saying, “Your camera takes good pictures.” 

    … Your husband takes good pictures!  jk jk :)

  • http://www.onelovemeg.com Meg | One Love Meg

    Great tip!! Thanks for sharing. Just got a new Canon T2i and I am clueless on how to use it. I will be using your blog for tips of inspiration and help! :)

  • HeartHunnyBe

    I keep a piece of card stock in my bag for random parties and outings. Thanks for sharing!

  • Carolina

    Thank you Elizabeth, great tip, I used a white carton board on saturday as a relfector and it worked perfectly too!

  • Brandophotos

    Awesome tip!  Thanks!

  • Veronica S

    That really does make a huge difference and its nice to know you don’t always have to tote around a bunch of bulky equipment

  • Maarja

    His hands are also reflected?