Behind the scenes on a forest session // clamshell and off camera flash

Here are some quick pull back shots from this recent session. The pullbacks were taken by me because I was shooting without an assistant and they were really just taken for my own record but I thought I’d share them with you fine people!

Edited with Florabella Colorplay actions for Photoshop

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  • Leslie Sarten

    2 questions:
    1. Would the clamshell set up work just using natural light? I don’t use OCF.
    2. Which of her actions did you use? I’m loving this and I would love to get started with her actions! Thank you as always for your amazing tutorials!!!!!!!!

  • elizabethhalford

    Hello! No, the idea of clamshell is that you’re lighting from above and below. The closest equivalent would be simply using a reflector. I think that tri-flector would still be fabulous in natural light, especially if it were backlit.

    To edit, I started with the clean color base and then added winter and something else {peace maybe?}

  • Caroline Telfer

    I tried to read this blog post on my iPad but oops. I couldn’t make it out :-(

  • elizabethhalford

    Oh thank you for telling me! What’s the problem exactly?

  • Craig Solow

    Yeahhhhhh!!! Just what I was looking for. Thank you, I know it is extra work, but keep them coming!!!

  • Regina

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge here :)

  • Erin

    In the shot with the dad holding the speedlite, is the reflector doing anything or is he just holding it? Also, why weren’t you using a softbox on it? Thanks! I love your work!

  • Gina Kleinworth

    Cool- I learned photography in a place where it was sunny most of the time. I now live in a place where it’s cloudy most of the time so I am learning all sorts of new things to get my groove back. I need to be utilizing these things in my arsenal of toys – now I’m inspired to go play. Thanks

  • Thanks for this post! What type of lighting unit are you using in the clamshell picture?

  • Susan

    Prim reading from my iPad and it’s working fine.

  • Jen

    Hiya, I just wondered what you plugged all this stuff into when you worked outside on location?

  • I think he was supposed to be pointing it into the reflector. From that distance, the white side isn’t doing much of anything — it would make sense if he was bouncing the speedlight into it.

  • elizabethhalford

    Hi there! The light is powered with a radio trigger

  • elizabethhalford

    Hi Erin we were just playing around and this is how it ended up. A softbox certainly would’ve softened the light which is quite hard as you can see

  • Shanna

    Hi Elizabeth! I’m curious on the clamshell lighting, where do you shoot from when this is in front of them? Looks like it’s so close it would get in the shot. Thanks in advance!

  • tishoconnor

    Your images are stunning! Thanks for sharing the pullbacks! It’s always helpful learning from others!!

  • elizabethhalford

    Hello! Yes I shoot between the two. My camera is often touching the bottom of the soft box. I shoot full frame and with a 50mm or 70mm lens so the subject is often surprisingly close.

  • Dana

    This is so helpful to see how you set everything up and the final shots. Beautiful, by the way.

  • Dean

    great pictures! I always get lots of ideals from your photos.. Thanks for sharing

  • dlyner33

    Very helpful. Love the photographs. Amazing how beautiful that last shot is of the 2 girls SOOC.

  • Clamshell by Lasolite? Triflector MK II Silver/white?

  • Kala Rath

    I understand you used a radio trigger to sync the light with the camera trigger, but where do you plug in your light to get the initial power source on?

  • elizabethhalford

    it’s just a battery powered Speedlite

  • Mandy

    Hi, I wondered how stable / usable the tri-reflector was on-location? Is it too clumsy when moving around for example? I’m looking to buy a new reflector system and wondered if it was an option for me to explore? At the moment my stand is wonky so I leave a large, circular reflector on the floor! Many, many thanks for sharing your tips, Mandy