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Backdrops for the studio

Q. “Hello , I was wondering if you could tell me what is the best material to use for a backdrop?. I have bought several and I dont like it, its to wrinkly and ugly . What material should I get for my studio ? Want some like I saw on your picture of your studio?”

A. I n my white seamless photos (like the one to the right) I use a white vinyl roll by Elastolite. But this requires a heavy duty support system and a four-light set up for lighting. If you’re talking about natural light photography using a backdrop (exe placing a newborn infront of a window for lighting and using a black cloth) you will get wrinkles you just have to know how to edit them out in Photoshop. If you send me an image you think is bad because of the wrinkly backdrop, send it to me for Reader Photo Friday I’d love to show you how to take care of that problem!

Thanks for your questions everyone and keep ‘em coming to eh@elizabethhalford.com.