Getting your hands on quotable client testimonials

A very important part of the photographer/client relationship is the feedback at the end of your dealings. This feedback can be used to pique the interest of potential clients and give them a wonderful push in your direction which doesn’t have to come from you. It’s a thumbs up from their peers and this can work wonders for your business.

But they can sometimes be hard to get your hands on. Once in a while you fall upon a totally amazing and clued-in client who does something like writes a review of their time with you. Other times, you may get a personal thank you note for your involvement as a photographer, but most of the time? Well…most of the time you have to get creative to get unprompted feedback. It can feel contrived to have to go out and ask for quotes from former clients. And it just isn’t genuine.

And when you do get your hands on some juicy tidbits, what do you do with them? Traditionally, they get plugged into some client feedback area of your website which many people won’t spend time looking at. I never click those links because it’s pretty predictable what I’ll find there. Glowing reviews from faceless people, right? Of course a photographer’s only going to post the good stuff.

So come on, artists…let’s get creative with the way we use quotes from clients! I first got thinking along these lines from a post from the Modern Tog about how to leverage client testimonials to get more clients. I jumped on the idea immediately and by the end of the day, I’d added this page to my website to share all those wonderful love letters in a way that connected with people emotionally and visually.

Read the posts below to find out the wonderful ways you can get your hand on testimonials which are already written and out there. By the end of today, you, too, can have harnessed the power of these quotes to gain more business from people who feel they can trust you, too!

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  • Brandophotos

    You have been my favorite, most inspiring part of learning, researching and exploring going pro with my love for photography!  THANK YOU and Pretty Presets for leading me to you.
    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  Can’t wait to use it, too! 
    I am BIG on testimonials/reviews.  I don’t even buy anything on Amazon unless I see what people REALLY have to say.

  • DaniGirl

    Funny, “love letters” is what I call the client feedback area of my site too!  I’m curious, though, do you ask permission before publishing the comment and photo together? I’ve thought of doing that, but did not want to do it without permission and felt awkward asking the client about it. Seemed a kind of a violation of their privacy.

  • a really great idea!!!

  • Zekarphoto

     I was wondering about the permission thing too. On one hand I’d be uncomfortable adding something that someone had written to me in private, but on the other hand it feels weird to ask if I can use their kind words to my further benefit…