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How I get those apps on my Facebook page

I get so many messages asking about how to get those ‘little buttons’ on the top of my Facebook page. They lead to things like my Twitter and blog feeds from right there within Facebook (because c’mon who wants to leave Facebook?) These little buttons are actually called ‘apps’ (short for applications) and if you’re iConnected or you have a Blackberry or Android phone you’ll know about apps. They’re like little programs you can quickly download and they can do any one of a million different things. Yup <— that’s my plain English explanation of what apps are!

On your business Facebook page, apps provide a richer experience you can offer your visitors. They can sort of give you a more custom Facebook page. The company I run my apps through is called RipeSocial. It’s a painless way to get apps on your Facebook page in just a few clicks.

{Why Pay?}

RipeSocial costs $99 a year. I wish I’d known that before I spent a few months paying another company upwards of $40 a month before discovering them. It won’t take you long once you start Googling after reading this post to discover that you can get apps for free. So why pay? Well, why do us photographers pay for Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets when you can get them for free somewhere else? Quality, of course! Building and installing your own free apps can require technical knowledge like HTML at times and other times, there are ones you can plug in for services like Twitter, but they’re slow to update with new info from your Twitter stream. Others are reportedly fiddly and glitchy. Basically, it’s like anything: you get what you pay for. And personally, I’d rather pay a little and have something be done within a few clicks. Wham, bam, thank you Facebook!

{My experience so far}

When I was using one of RipeSocial’s competitors, I was plagued by glitches and non-working components which was very frustrating since I was paying so much more for the service. Since switching to RipeSocial, there haven’t been any glitches whatsoever {phew!} Also, their customer service for queries I’ve sent when I was getting started was super fast, personal and answered exactly what I needed to know.

I’d highly recommend that you head on over to RipeSocial to check out their 10 brilliant apps for your Facebook page. And don’t miss out on their FREE eBook about how to use Facebook for your business.