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How I use online galleries

Although I’m a big loudmouth for in person viewing and sales, I still use online galleries from time to time. Here’s how I make use of my SmugMug account (love them!)


I upload weddings to a gallery for guests to view. This way they can purchase prints which is handy since I endeavour to get as many family and couple photos as I can. It’s also a great excuse to give out my cards at the wedding, but these aren’t ordinary business cards. They’re MOO cards printed with engagement images of the couple on one side and the URL and date for looking up the gallery after the wedding. Oh, and also a fun QR code that sends them straight to the gallery when they scan with their phone.


For regular sessions, I do in person sales but once in a while, I just can’t swing it (like this winter when we were sick non stop and then snowed in). In those cases, I have to upload a gallery but sales are never what they would be if I’d done it in person.

When a client buys the digital files, there’s a link to a pre-uploaded gallery on their flash drive so they can still print through my professional company for the best quality.

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  • terri zollinger

    when your clients buy the digital images , do you have different pricing for when they purchase prints through you than if they were just buying prints and no digital image ?

  • elizabethhalford

    Yes they’re buying them at cost. It’s just a courtesy to make it easier for them.

  • Alyssa

    Great idea! I was just considering starting to use smugmug today. Quick question: I have moo business cards as well, but couldn’t figure out how to get the QR code AND the information on one side of the card. Did you use your own premade template? Great info, as always!

  • elizabethhalford

    Hi I make all of my own things. The QR code was put in while building the design in Photoshop.

  • http://twitter.com/canvas_photo canvas prints

    you have some really beautiful photography here.

  • Krystal

    I offer different digital file options on my investment page. I assumed that this order would have to be placed in person. Is there a way to do it on smugmug. I chose whcc. the only digital file option I saw was for eith a single image or an entire gallery

  • http://samanthabartlettphotography.wordpress.com/about/ Samantha Bartlett

    Hi, I have a question about digital files and watermarks. Once your clients get the digital files, they can share them wherever they want to and your watermark is not on them, Where and when do you use watermarks?