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Legal forms for photographers

I’m really thrilled to have found Rachel Brenke, The Law Tog. She’s a Texas based lawyer and photographer who’s drafted a whole shedload of the legal forms you need to protect yourself. They’re made with US law in mind so use your discretion if you decide to ammend them for Europe or other. Check it out:

Birth photography legal documents

Boudoir legal documents

Newborn photography legal documents

Portrait photography legal documents

Wedding photography legal documents

Is someone talking trash? Check out the cease and desist (defamation) form

Is someone stealing? Then you need the cease and desist (copyright infringement) form

Client guide template. ‘Cuz managing expectations is step 1 in avoiding yucky situations.

Commercial license use agreement (are their photos going to to be used commercially?)

Commercial model releases

General model release

Print release

Property use agreement


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