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The 6 best blog posts about photography pricing

Without a doubt, the biggest area of frustration and confusion for start-up photographers is knowing what to charge. There are a few different eBooks and online programs for setting your pricing like Easy as Pie (the original pricing guide), The Modern Tog’s free pricing guide blog series and Creative Pricing and Packaging for Photographers from Tofurious.

But there’s also a lot of bite-sized help out there for specific queries you may have about pricing. Here are 6 of my alltime favourite blog posts about pricing from my favourite photography/business bloggers (in no particular order).

  1. How to Raise Your Photography Prices Significantly Without Losing All Your Clients from The Modern Tog
  2. 7 reasons to not raise your prices from The Modern Tog
  3. How to get over your fears and raise your prices from Psychology for Photographers
  4. 7 Non-Money Reasons To Price Your Photography Profitably from Psychology for Photographers
  5. The Red Flag That Says “You Need To Raise Your Prices” from Psychology for Photographers
  6. Pricing Smackdown: Packages vs One Price from PhotoMint

I also have a whole category here on my blog for pricing which you can browse by —> clicking here <—

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