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The 6 best blog posts about photography pricing

Without a doubt, the biggest area of frustration and confusion for start-up photographers is knowing what to charge.

Here are 6 of my all time favourite blog posts about pricing from my favourite photography/business bloggers (in no particular order).

  1. How to Raise Your Photography Prices Significantly Without Losing All Your Clients from The Modern Tog
  2. 7 reasons to not raise your prices from The Modern Tog
  3. How to get over your fears and raise your prices from Psychology for Photographers
  4. 7 Non-Money Reasons To Price Your Photography Profitably from Psychology for Photographers
  5. The Red Flag That Says “You Need To Raise Your Prices” from Psychology for Photographers
  6. Pricing Smackdown: Packages vs One Price from PhotoMint

I also have a whole category here on my blog for pricing which you can browse by —> clicking here <—

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