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Your packaging problems solved

I get asked about packaging quite a bit. Believe me, I know how hard it is to find fashionable photography packaging that matches your branding. Thankfully, I found out about H-B Photo Packaging from another photographer and have had a couple of pretty sizable shipments from them since. Even with the extra cost of shipping overseas and paying for import taxes, I still get my packaging from them. There’s definitely nothing better in this country and as for America, I haven’t found anything better, either.

{My packaging}

My disk packaging

Personally, I use the aqua 11×14, 8×10 and 5×7 boxes with brown paper inside and these colors match my branding perfectly. I also have the smaller boxes for my disks and even smaller for flash drives. I use their matching polkadot fabric ribbon and the wraphia for the smaller packaging. I even have the folders with stretchy brown bows which I love to use for my school marketing packs and complementary prints. I get my sticker printed with Vista Print.

{Pros + Cons}

Some things I love about H-B Packaging are:

  • The customer service is amazing.
  • The products are really great quality. Thick, substantial…and, again, worth the cost of shipping it overseas.
  • There are so many colors that you’re sure to find what you need to match your branding
  • They do collections of mixed sizes which is pretty handy.

My 8x10 folder for prints + my schools marketing pack

Only one con:

  • I actually despise the 8×10 print size. Did you know that 8x10s only exist because old “large format cameras” shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio? Now, DSLRs shoot in s 3:2 ratio which means that you have to lose 2 glorious inches off the edge of your images because of our ridiculous dependence on 8×10. I try to print in 8×12 whenever possible, but these prints have to go into 11×14 boxes because obviously they won’t fit into the 8×10 boxes. H-B Photo would totally be my heroes if they would join photographers in the fight against the 8×10

Overall, I love H-B Photo Packaging and will be using them for a long time. They make the drudgery of order fulfillment a joy and I love the response I get from my clients who don’t expect their products to arrive in such lovely trimmings.

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  • Amy woodward-taylor

    totally agree about the 8×10″ ! It’s such a popular size with customers though due only to the fact that so many shops sell 8×10″ frames – I try wherever possible to steer them towards an A4 or 12×8″ instead. These packaging options are gorgeous; I REALLY need to pay some attention to this end of my business as I’m still turning around prints in buff envelopes (*shame*)

  • Steph

    Love this packaging and will be saving the info for future use.  I haven’t officially launched my business because I”m stuck in the portfolio stage and I just had a baby (my excuse for now).  However, for my friends who have been kind enough to let me use for practice, I’ve been giving them a disk and making my own packaging out of card stock paper and fabric ribbons for bows and it turns out almost exactly like the above picture.  Makes me happy that when I do finally start out I can keep the idea but have it done more professionally when the time comes.  :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Olive

    Wow… Thank you !!!!  I have been looking for  something like this and that is cost effective for me and my clients.

  • http://www.jenniferkrafchik.com/ Jen

    Thanks so much for this info, Elizabeth.  I will definitely look into H-B.  Do you have custom disks and thumb drives printed?  I’ve had custom disks made for each family, but everywhere I shop their minimum order requirement means that I have to order two.  Not a big deal, but I’m thinking about ordering generic disks with just my logo, etc on them and using them for every shoot.  I’m just worried it’ll be too generic – it wouldn’t have the date on it for them or anything.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you do.

  • Yvette

    Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!! Their packaging is gorgeous. I’m in the stage of getting my studio set up and this is one of those things I hadn’t looked at yet. Love it!!

  • Jenny

    So pretty!  Thank you for sharing!

  • Lorna

    I just ordered a box of 5×7. I can’t wait to see them. Why oh why doesn’t anyone do this in the UK?  Beats me that I have to get all my best stuff imported from the states.

  • http://www.klarsenphotography.com/ Kim Larsen

    I use the exact same chocolate brown with aqua polka dot ribbon on my boxes, but my boxes are black ones (left from my old branding) from Rice Studio Supply (which happens to be located only about 2 hours from me, so I can avoid shipping costs by picking up my orders from their shop).  I use aqua tissue in my boxes.  When I finally run out of the black boxes, I am trying to decide if I want to stick with Rice and switch to their chocolate boxes, or go with H-B and get aqua boxes.  Such difficult decisions!  :)

  • http://byrayleigh.com/ Rayleigh Leavitt

    I saw that they do cutom printed boxes so you can match it even more perfectly to your branding or even put a logo on it.  And I was surprised to find that getting one of th0se boxes would be like $2 cheaper than having Millers do their boutique packaging, which is what I usually do, and theirs doesn’t even match my branding.  I don’t know if they have boxes in all the sizes I need because I didn’t see that they did custom boxes for 10×10 or 12×12 albums.  But I can call them and find out.  Cool find!  Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/fiona.jamieson3 Fiona Jamieson

    hi Jen
    can you tell me who you are using for your discs?


  • Samantha White

    I like H-B photo but I reaallly adore Rice Studio Supply! http://ricestudiosupply.com/