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Facebook for your Photography Business {40 mins of video to get you started}

Do you know the difference between a Facebook profile, page and group? Which one is right for your business? And once you have one, what do you do next? How do you make sure you get a good amount of interaction on your page and that you actually show up in your clients’ news feeds? Watch this video brought to you by Rock the Shot for answers to your burning Facebook questions.

Includes an interview with Jamie Swanson of The Modern Tog.

This is the first webisode in a series of four produced especially for Rock the Shot. The next three episodes will be about:

  1. Friends + Business
  2. Portfolio Building
  3. Maintaining client expectations

…and those will be available exclusively on Rock the Shot.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=700018483 Maryanne Souter

    Fabulous! Especially like the end, hehe :)

  • Mamaduso5

    I saw a lot of fb plugins. How do I know which one would be the best one?  Do you have a specific recommendation? Thanks.

  • Shannon

    Thanks Elizabeth!  You answered so many questions for me in an area that I’m really struggling with.  My new goal is to establish and grow my facebook presence :o)

  • Diane

    I’ve also found quite a few FB comment plugins and wondered which one you are referring to.

    And would this prevent spam comments? I’ve temporarily turned my normal comments off, due to all the spam comments that I have to moderate.

  • Anonymous

     Yes, I did forget to mention those, didn’t I! I use these: http://bit.ly/zsqaA9

  • Anonymous

    I use these: http://bit.ly/zsqaA9 I don’t know of anything that prevents spam but you just need to keep moderating your page daily. When something pops up and you mark it as spam, Fb will start getting to know the things you consider spam.

  • http://twitter.com/erinparker Erin Parker Skinner

    Thanks so much for posting this, Elizabeth! I definitely learned a lot and am now trying to figure out how to plug these tips into my photo page since I’m more of a editorial photographer (and my clients won’t let me post images directly to my FB fan page.)

  • Cindy

    Wonderful !!!!  Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom.  It helps so many of us and you have become the “go-to-person” for a lot of my questions.  Thank you again !!!

  • Mary_Calai

    Hi Elizabeth !I  have found you on Pinterest. Thanks for all the great info! I only have one question: my website is on WordPress and my blog is on blogspot (just because I started it before I had my website). When people comment on my blog (on blogspot) can I still link that to Facebook, or it has to be on WordPress? Thank you so much!!

  • Melissa Haws

    lol, your husband is hilarious.  Thank you for this video, sooo much.

  • Melissa Haws

    How can I see the other videos on Rock the Shot?  When i go there and search for it, I am not able to find them.  I would pay the subscription to watch them if I need to, but are they still available?  Can you link to the videos?

  • elizabethhalford

    Hi there! Yes, they’re still available in this forum: http://www.rocktheshotforum.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?84-Webisodes

    You may need to join. There are 5 webisodes there in total.