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How to hold your camera (video)

Oh this is soooo old but it’s pretty good info so I’ll leave it here!

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  • I love your tips and tricks! You are making me a better photographer! Thank you so much!!!

  • Al Raintreestudios

    Two suggestions-  Take a breath (not necessarily a deep breath), let it out part way, then squeeze the shutter button.  You’ll be more relaxed, and less apt to jiggle than if you are holding in a deep breath.  Also, you can wrap your camera strap around your right forearm to take the slack out of it.  Stick your hand up through the strap, then twist it out over the top fo the strap, then back around underneath the strap, and hold the camera as shown in the video.  You can then take the slack out of the strap by manipulating your arm down or out, thus crunching the camera against your face, and making your camera,head, and body one solid mass, less likely to move.  Try this technique in low light situations like in a church at a wedding.  If you wrap the strap in this fashion, then brace yourself against a wall or a column in the church, you would be surprised how slow a shutter speed you can hand-hold for a crisp shot.  LOVE your blog and newsletters, Elizabeth!

  • Tina

    Is there a right way and a wrong way to hold the camera for vertical shots?  I ask because I hold mine with the shutter release at the bottom.  I have noticed that others hold it with the shutter release at the top.  I try to do it the “right” way but it feels more comfortable at the bottom.  I was just curious if that might hamper the shot in any way.

  • elizabethhalford

     Hmm well you should be able to have the other eye open to pay attention to what’s going on outside of your frame. I don’t think you can do that if you hold your camera the other way around.