Your job as a photographer // Video Series

Over these last ten weeks, we’ve been discussing just a few of the different things you need to look into when deciding if you’re ready to venture into charging for your photography and becoming a ‘professional’.

This is week 10 and in this video, I conclude the series and tell you what your main job is as a photographer and the realities of being in business as a photographer.

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  • Thanks Elizabeth. It’s fantastic to be reminded that most people don’t watch our work with a tick list of minor imperfections to spot. It’s way too easy to be hyper-critical about our own work, specially when comparing it to commercial images that take a whole team weeks of preparation. 

  • Hey Elizabeth!  My first time watching your video(s)!  Now I have to go back and watch them all!  I have been doing this professionally for several years and I suffer from the “dont think my work is good enough” virus.  What a great one for me to start with!  Thanks for your time! I hope there is a video in there on how not to be scared to CHARGE for your talent!  LOL  God BLess! 

  • Christina

    Thank you!  I’ve been following your series religiously, the timing of it was completely perfect for me!  (you planned that right?)  But this post in particular is very appropriate as I have been complaining to my husband how frustrated I am with editing a certain session.  You are so right, we are our own worst critic.  Thank you so much Elizabeth!  Keep the videos coming!

  • 1momma_g

    Thank you !!!!  I think that is why I still print my proofs… you can’t be more right in the emotions that are involved and when seeing that it changes how you personally look at your work.  Although, I have to say that I personally am one of those hypercritical pixel peepers and it usually grounds me a bit after each session viewing.  Thank you once again for all that you do for all of us in the photography community !!!  Outstanding once again !!!

  • Carlita

    This video probably helped me the most because I have this problem.  I think my pictures should be perfect.  That is why I have put off my business so long, even though when I take pictures people love them.  You are so right that no one else notices the stuff I notice about pictures.  But I love photography!  They like pictures.  Thank you for this, just to hear another photographer say they have felt the same way I have is so encouraging.  

  • Leslie Levine

    What you said could not have come at a better time.  I did a session last night that I am dubious about.  Not loving these images like my last few sessions.  Instead of beating myself up, I am going to learn from it and focus on the good.  Thanks Elizabeth!

  • Sarahderagon

    Thanks for posting this video! I have been extremely hard on myself the past few weeks about my work because I’m about to go full time as a photographer this month. I appreciate you reminding me to be kinder to myself. I enjoyed this web series a great deal. Thanks for putting it out there! 

  • Ashleymatteo

    ok so i have LOVED every single video in the series and shame on me for not commenting earlier.  But THANK YOU so much for your generosity for your time, and for your wisdom(hard earned), and your vulnerability.  i have soaked up every video. i am new in the business so each one has been helpful to me.  i have a feed for you blog so read it all the time and just want you to be encouraged that no matter what others say (about the videos or whatever else) you are doing a great job and you are a huge blessing to so many people.  thank you

  • Brandophotos

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I loved all 10 of these videos, as well as all other videos of yours that I have had the time to watch and am happy to have found you! :)  I will continue tuning in to hear any and all other info. you are gracious enough to share! 

  • Thank you for your great series. I really needed to hear this as I am a pixel peeper too and frequently look at things at 100% I know I am harder on myself than I need to be.

  • Richard

    Elizabeth I love you! With 30 years in the game – stretching from magazines to hard news where i have just come from a six year stint, I was going through a period of ‘should i try become a motor mechanic’. Your chat was just what the Doctor ordered. Many thanks Doctor Elizabeth. Ps I have just turned 60 and after Somalia Libya and all dat stuff I am now re-inventing myself, doing weddings, kids portraits etc. Oh and I am from Cape Town in South Africa.

  • Tracy Hoots Hoexter

    Thanks for the boost! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a meeting with myself…

  • Thanks Elizabeth. You are right, I have only been going a year, but already I have questioned whether I should quit because I feel I can’t get the photos as good as I want them or I get too nervous before a session. And everyone tells me I’m too much of a perfectionist – even one of my clients! I haven’t done in-person viewing but I’ll be doing that for my next session most definitely. You are ace!

  • Lombardsboutique

    i can’t believe you are trying to help people and they are complaining…good grief! i am thankful you took the time to try to help us!

  • Lombardsboutique

    loved this one! i am hard on myself too!

  • Malinda

    You are so sweet and oh, so generous!!  I started to fall in love with photography three years ago.  I purchased a Canon T1i and began taking pictures of my first Granddaughter…and the rest, as they say, is history. Four grandbabies later and a new D60 and I am learning more than I ever imagined about photography. With some great help from you!!  I just LOVE it.  Who knew? 

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for being a guiding light.  You’re the real deal!!  Nice job on this video series.

  • Linda Baca

    Thank you Elizabeth.  I know I am my worst (or best) critic so thank you for reminding me that clients do not see what I see.  I beat myself up all the time and although I am a newbie, I’m constantly battling with “am I good enough?.  Thank you for your reassurance that we all have the same hangups!  Makes me feel better!  (LOL)  

  • Soly

    Elizabeth, another wonderful video.  I’ve said this before, don’t listen to complainers….you’re amazing and we all appreciate you so much. I have learned SO much from you and i wanna THANK YOU! 

  • Lyndianimages

    Thanks Elizabeth for a wonderful vlog series….. I really enjoyed listening to all your tips & ideas. I know I am very hard on myself at times &somewhat frustrated with my journey, but I agree, seeing the emotions of a mum after viewing my images for the first time really does validate that ‘yes’ I am on the right path. Something that I now have pasted beside my computer & that I look at ALOT –  which always brings me back on the path is this:

    Thanks for being frank, for sharing & for caring. All the best for the future…. regards Lyndal

  • Ks Studio

    Thank you so much for your videos. They have been so helpful.I had just decided to start my own photography business, when I came across your blog. It has been amazing if you have addressed every fear or problem I had encountered or was about to. Thank you so much! You have been such a blessing 
    God Bless 

  • Lindsay

    I’ve been perusing your site for a few weeks now and just came across this VLog set. I just want to say how this last video really hit home for me. I just had my first paid portrait session this month and a few days ago got to hand over the prints they ordered. I was really excited and confident at the sales session, but something about showing them the prints made me incredibly nervous. They loved them and it just proved to me how hard I am on myself! I’m new to the business of photography, but not to business. I can wrap my mind around running a business for profit, but the part od having to hand over my art that I’ve asked someone money for was terrifying. In a real way though it was liberating and I think this final VLog captured the realities of that. Thank you for driving home those final points. They’re definitely stuck in my head!

  • Ashley

    Thank you so much for this video series and for the time and passion you put in to teaching others about photography and business! I have learned so much and took a ton of notes, so again thank you!

  • George

    I would like to thank you for your series, I thought it was very informative, especially because I was thinking about creating a business in photography. You helped realize that there is much more to the business then just taking the shot.