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Starting Your Business Vlog Series pt.6 {branding}

Hello and welcome to my 10 part vlog series sponsored by Pretty Presets. Over these ten weeks, we’re discussing just a few of the different things you need to look into when deciding if you’re ready to venture into charging for your photography and becoming a ‘professional’.

This is week 6 and in this video, I start out explaining the concept of branding in my own way and then go into a Skype discussion with Michelle Cormack from A Girl Named Fred. And in this interview, I got quite an education about why a few of the ideas I had about branding weren’t completely correct. So this week is an important learning experience for everyone on the subject of building your visual identity.

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  • JayD

    Love it :D

  • Soly

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for this video. I learned so much! It is so obvious Michelle really cares about her clients…love her!