Your website and SEO // Video Series

In this video, I talk about your website and the benefits of using blog based platforms over flash based ones. I then go into a Skype interview with Zach Prez.

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  • I love this Elizabeth. I just went pro-photo after your original post on facebook. Not looking back, I LOVE it.

  • NIka

    You shold also write all these thing you are talking about becouse not everybody understand what are you saying.
    I’m from Switzerland and my english is not enough good to follow you, you are talking so fast and for better translate i need to read two time or more..but is easier. Just idea!! I follow you always! Love it!!

  • ajmills

    I have to agree with Flash based web sites – many tend to be hard to navigate, it’s hard to link directly to a specific page, and Google and other search engines can’t read text in Flash based web pages (this needs a second HTML based site, which is much more work/cost). And you’re relying on it to be “coded” properly – if they’re not, they can hog your computer resources.

    Many of the effects available in a Flash web site can now be done in a “normal” more SEO friendly site with HTML5, Javascript (and/or using Javascript libraries called Jquery and Mootools) and Ajax type effects.

    Oh yes, music on web sites – STOP IT NOW! Seriously, it’s perhaps my number one pet peeve. If what Elizabeth and I say doesn’t bother you, consider this: How many people look for your services (either as a wedding or portrait, etc., photographer) from work? The last thing they need is to have music suddenly start blaring out from their computer. As soon as that happens, they’re likely to just close your page to stop it quickly.

  • Mamaduso5

    I have barely looked at google analytics and so while listening I went over to my page and realized I have no idea what most of it means. Maybe a good idea for an “in plain English” tutorial?

  • J3ntan

    how do you get your photos to look so unique on your blog? is there a specific software you use?

  • charla

    Is Pro-photo a blog and website all in one? I use wix right now for both but i’m not happy with both. I dont seem to come up under google at all and cant link my blog to my facebook page. Please help???