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Final Farewell // FREE GIFTS and Black Friday offer to say bye

Well, ya’ll…this is pretty much my last post. You know a few things by now:

1. You know that I’m leaving the photography blogosphere
2. You know all about who will be taking over my stuff: The Photographer’s Element
3. You know that my best class ever, Sales in Plain English, will now be an online class.

But here’s some fresh news to leave you with…

1. Since I’ve closed my store, you can now have my Photographing Schools eBook for free. Here you go!
2. Same for my studio tutorial video Shooting my SeamlessHere’s that one too.
3. And the last big of super awesome news? The first run of my Sales in Plain English class over on The Photographer’s Element is going to be a whopping $100 OFF for Black Friday! Make sure you like their Facebook page and subscribe to their list to stay in the loop for how to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business and your bank account. The discount code is TPEBLACKFRIDAY100.

How to register…

See the page about my class HERE.

See TPE launch event HERE.

How to stay in touch…

My Facebook page will become The Photographer’s Element soon. So make sure to like my Gracie May Photography page so we can keep in touch.

Here’s me on Instagram

I’ve said it so much already but I love you all and the opportunities you gave me to take you along on my journey. And for allowing me to be a part of your journeys in photography. I will think of you all fondly because I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

Elizabeth Halford